How do I get the discout on Steam?

I want to buy DOK, and I own a copy of HW:RM. How do I get the 20% discount? Thank you

It should be automatic. The store page on my account said something like, “you already own HMRM so you pay less blah blah blah”

Wasn’t this a pre-order exclusive? Same as the Expedition Guide?

The offer was good through the 29th (today) if i remember correctly. If I were you, I would add the game to your cart and look at the check out screen and see if the discount is there.

What is the full price? I mean, it doesn’t seem to discout anything, it is 46 euros. I only got my card today so I couldn’t buy it, but I remember it having the same price yesterday.

I’m pretty sure the discount was during the pre-order only (so until the 20th).
Perhaps @BBI-yoyobbi or @BBI-Josh could help confirm this ?

Just wait for one of Steam’s famous sales.