How Do I Get “The Hunt is Vaughn” Quest

Hey, really dumb question…

I’m wanting to farm the Queen Sand Worms for the effervescent cleaning weapons but I’m not even sure how to get the mission. It says it’s in The Backburner. I completed the DLC and still don’t see it. Do I need to complete side missions for that specific side mission to unlock? So can anyone tell me where to find that mission?

Also when I do get it I read I have to be careful on the the trophies part from the Queens. So I just don’t pick them up or how do I make sure the Queens respawn?

Thank you in advance!

I don’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure that is part of a line of side quests, the first one iirc is atop a tower in the Backburner, there should be a couple few bandits standing up there with Vaughn observing from the ground below.

As far as farming the queen, I think it counts the worm kills regardless of picking anything up. I also messed up when I tried to farm queen because I save/quit as one tends to do when farming. Seems you need to close app and relaunch as to avoid making the worms kill count permanent.
I won’t pretend to be an expert on this topic though, so I welcome any corrections so I too can better understand the process for future playthroughs.

Vaughan will have that for you at some point in the story. IIRC it shows up after you’ve cleared Helios Fallen on the main story quest line?

Do the “my brittle pony” side mission. He should have the mission your after once that’s done with.

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Thank you all for the help!