How do i get to EOS boss the fastest?

As the title sais, Wich way do i go?

?? You have to complete the DLC and then you end up going ALL the way through the subconscious. The entire playthrough really doesn’t take that long but if you fight him solo, that will take as long as the rest of the DLC lol

sprint :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Rocket Jump.

You hop into a Racer st T Bone junction, drive through two huge areas, fight on foot through another, shoot Knoxx in the face a bunch, and you’re there!

Oh wait…wrong DLC!


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Am I the only one who enjoyed the Knoxx DLC long drive?

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I didn’t mind it at all!

Gave me a chance to compose myself before / calm down afterward from the occassionally frustrating Craw fight or a long, tedious Farmoury session!

Watch some music videos on my laptop while I drive…try not to pingpong physics my car into the air…I love everything about the Knoxx DLC!

I’m with you. I enjoy it still to this day.

I enjoyed driving at night along the path, it had all those glow in the dark fungus things on the rocks… wait did they glow? I think they were glowing. D: