How do I keep the Complex Root from killing me on Zane?

Is it only an EXTREME distance weapon?

Have to use it inside the Barrier Dome??

The gun was pretty much useless to me on Moze and I keep dying with it on Zane as well…

stop using splash damage radius buffs be a man

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Ha….none buuuut

My Artifact has area damage in the second slot so that might be it….

Still…. How do you not die from this thing? Is the only way to use it at extreme range?

Splash radius boosts on the root make it hit literally the entire map. If you have any splash radius or AOE boosts, you’ll need to remove them.

Also, you can use a redsuit with a radiation root to not die.



So it makes it “Anti Maliwan” in a way….and you have to work around it so it won’t kill you…All the while disabling the very perks that make Maliwan really good.

I think I’ll pass.

Probably fun if you set up for it…good boss killer.

It can get annoying but to my understanding if your root is radiation damage you can use the redsuit to protect yourself or a transformer shield for shock damage. The other elements yeah…can’t help there.

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Well, shock root and Transformer seems easy enough.

Had forgot about that shield and have one.

Am over enamored with Super Soldier and Revolter ATM…LOL

Could be considered as such, I prefer to call it a “don’t peek weapon”. Though I can’t say I’m sad to see it destroying Zane, did they revert the self damage immunity from ductape mod?

Nope, but DOTs can still kill you through it.

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Use a cryo complex root and zane’s passive that makes him immune to his own damage. Because cryo doesn’t have dot, you won’t die. This can be combined with toboggan, cold bore and some cryo damage for obscene damage. Add hustler for one shotting bosses.
Use a shock complex root with transformer. You will also get healed when it damages you, so you can be immortal this way. Damage kinda sucks though, but you can still use cold bore for extra damage and it won’t kill you if you have the passive.
Or you can use any kind of complex root with a super soldier that has the ass anointment that triggers break/fill effects, as long as you keep super soldier immunity up with cannon you should be invincible.

it is not working as intended guys stop kidding yourselves. it is not supposed to hit entire map or anything remotely close it is just broken and gearbox never fixed it.

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They actually fixed this on PS5. The Root nuking an entire map doesnt work on PS5.
Dunno why they didnt do it on other platforms xD