How do I kill Captain Traunt?

I’m feeling like I may have advanced too quickly in the main story again. I’ve had to restart twice already because of that. (Also, I HATE boss battles. SO boring…and frustrating). I’ve developed a pretty good strategy for Traunt: staying out of the way of the rolling fireballs and iceballs, hitting him when I can and then getting out of the way before he hits me, etc. But once he starts throwing fireballs directly at me, I die pretty quickly and usually without a chance for Second Wind. Any tips on how to deal with this super annoying boss?

I’m blitzing the story with Moze at the moment and just passed him. My strategy was to constantly strafe in a circle, jumping occasionally and him firing a green shock sniper till his shield broke, then went a little crazy with my Jacobs shotty. Any time you go down shoot his ice crystals for an easy revive.

If your on ps4 I can help out if all that fails.

Thanks. I’ll give this a try.

When I got to Truant I switched to an atlas weapon and kept running in circles popping out long enough to drop a tracker dart then rained shots from the sky. When he dropped my shield I would jump into Iron Bear and dump damage on him until it died.

The second time around was a cakewalk as a forge moze even on Mayhem 3

I struggled a bit for a few attempts but changed my loadout to include the railgun and targeted missiles, circle-strafed, shot him a few times with a Jacob’s shotgun and it was all over pretty quickly.

Use a damage over time weapon and know that you dont have to dodge the fireballs you can shoot them as they move.

I personally did the whole thing from the covered areas to the sides an shot the big ball when it came at me. avoids a lot of the fire being thrown at me as it hits the walls

Thanks. What’s a Tracker dart?

Thanks for the tip about the fireballs and the big ball. That helps. And I’ve been staying to the sides too.
I see some replies saying that taking him out was a cakewalk. I don’t see how. I
But I think I just don’t have the right weapons. I don’t want to have to restart at this point to try and get better weapons, so if I don’t make any progress with this I think the game is over for me.

The atlas weapons secondary fire can be a tracker dart, tracker puck, or tracker grenade (I think thats all of them). Once an enemy is painted all bullets go to them. So you can paint a target then run around behind cover while shooting in the air and still hit.

Also, my reference to him being easy was on my second playthrough at level 50. On first blush he can be tricky.

Why would you restart just because you hit a roadblock?

Traunt was pretty annoying first playthrough ever, without OP weapons and skills it was not that trivial.

I think I just stood around stairs and balconies thing and taken pot shots at him making sure to dodge the deathball he sends there.

I think it was the first wall ever in that playthrough for me. Took a good 6-7 tries or so.

if you are referring to normal mode, it was actually rather easy with the strategy already posted here. stick to the archways on the sides, shoot his projectiles and use iron bear as emergency measure… if you are severly underleveled it will still be a challenge though I guess.

Because I got so focused on killing Traunt that I forgot I could do that. It happens.

And not new to the franchise. I’ve played and finished almost every version of Borderlands so far.

Thanks. I hadn’t come across Atlas weapons before I tried my first attempts at taking out Traunt. Now that I’ve gone back and done some side missions and done some more exploring I just found my first Atlas. Not very powerful but I think it will come in handy.

level made a huge difference. I struggled with this so I went and did some side quests and came back and saw how much more damage I was ding with just one extra level.

Another thing to try.
As you enter the arena, go up the left staircase, follow corridor to end, and go down the stair half way. Once Traunt moves, he will sort of get stuck in a small alcove next to said stairs. There is a window through the railing you can shoot through. My first go around that is how I ended up finishing him off after a long struggle. I believe you can encourage him into that spot pretty early on…

My second time, in TVHM, I walked into the arena, stood in front of him, and just melted him with my weapons. I have found for some reason TVHM allows you to melt bosses. A bit strange to me…

Thanks, all. I finally got him.

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I did it last night with tediore reloads, pistol and smg nothing special

it was not easy

nailed it bbmotors: that up-the-left-staircase tip is fabulous!–remarkably easy from there considering how many times traunt stomped me before I tried it. owe ya bro, thanx a meg