How do I know if I have the Maggie buff or the AR buff?

My understanding is there are two hotfixes active right now and if you want the buff for one or the other you have to restart until you get it.

Problem is, I don’t know how much the buff was before and after. I’d like to try Dahl ARs and see if the recent hotfixes or buffs were useful, but I don’t know how good, for example, the Kaos or BoTD should be when buffed.

From what I can tell with the gear I have, only Jacobs ARs and pistols are affected. When first starting the game, the ARs are buffed (technically, the pistols are, too, but not as much), and if you quit to the main menu, without closing out completely, then the ARs lose their buff entirely, while the pistols gain a much higher buff. None of the other manufacturers seem to be impacted by this, so your Dahl ARs will be the same either way.

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Thank you for the help!!

No problem.

You people should submit it as a bug, I already did and can’t be bothered with sending them pictures and videos of what’s going on, we’re not supposed to be the QA for them.

Submitted long ago as technical issue/bug

Well this is just stupid…
Dude when playing with friends online and you quit to lobby this means you have to restart whole game just in order for weapons having the buffs.

Already did, a couple days after the patch hit. Submitted with video, which was a pain, because with console load times, I couldn’t get the video to upload, so had to post it on Twitter and then send them the link. It got kicked up to the development team, so we’ll see, I guess. Every week I hope it pops up in hotfix notes, but I’m betting it won’t get fixed until the next patch.

talking to support on 2k, linked this topic, they have a really messy QA/bug report policy, they assume everything is client side and never tried to check it on their own, so first things first you have to clear cache on epic/steam, if that doesn’t work, reinstall the game, if that doesn’t work they’ll continue and they want more info…
I hope they notice this besides the several other bugs I’ve reported, I mean one of them I couldn’t find based on a few keywords I tried on search, but have you people had by chance a bug with stuck dialogue through DLC’s and even main campaign? I mean for example I’ve had in DLC1 when you get to Freddie that part that he says right when you meet him at first (Trying to keep spoilers to a minimum to people who don’t have it), and then that dialogue gets stuck so it repeats every time I transition to other places in the DLC or enter the game with the character even if I’m well passed that point in the story, have you people had anything like that besides the obvious bug we’ve had with Ellie in the past? :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually just encountered that Freddie bug yesterday. Really annoying.

They probably won’t fix the hotfixes and will just wait for them to be “nativized” (included in a patch).

I have been seeing that stuck dialog thing in other areas as well.
Freddie obviously, in DLC3 the stone statue dialogue would speak after any fast travel, even to Sanctuary.
Moze just started a quest she won’t be able to finish, Wildlife Conservation (one of the explosives required to open the door is stuck in an unreachable spot), and every time she goes someplace new, the same dialogue between Mordecai and Brick plays.
PS4 here…