How Do I Look Trophy Impossible?

I already unlocked every single customization for Borderlands 2 so is this trophy impossible to get now?

I imagine to 100% the cheevo list you would have to start again, as apposed to playing a carried over character, for things like discover all locations for example. No matter how many PT resets you do, your previous character would have done this already, and it would have to be done from scratch, ie. new character and new play-through

They may have thought of that. You could try something like picking up a skin to attempt to trigger it. obviously you cant use skins you already have, but it’s worth a shot.

If nothing else, we’ll eventually be getting those new skins when the loyalty rewards are active. Once you activate one of those, the achievement/trophy should pop up. Assuming/hoping they have it coded to pop on the next use if you’re already past the initial quantity needed.

New skins? What new skins are those?

Well good news I was looking through my heads and skins list after starting a new character and the trophy popped!