How do I make small ships (interceptors and scouts) hyperspace in at the start of a single player mission?

I tried searching, but I can’t find how to make existing ships hyperspace in at the start of a single player mission. Thanks for any help.

Try giving them the hyperspace ability. Even if it’s “disabled” by default.

Change their DockFamily to something your mothership does not have dockpaths for. (I don’t know if you mean the original singleplayer missions)
It does not need to have the hyperspace ability to hyperspace in at the beginning.

But don’t all of the other ships have a dock path with the mothership? The difference is that the only time it’s used is when they’re being retired.

It has to do with the ship’s ability to dock or their ability to hyperspace, one of the two…

The interesting thing is that Movers hyperspace even though they CAN dock sooooo there’s that.

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Oh yeah, there is a difference between docking and holding.
The mothership can’t hold frigates for example, but dock them when retiring or building.
Same with the movers.