How do I remove floating damage numbers?

Trying to go for max immersion here, I can disable the hud but the only thing left is the floating damage numbers.

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What platform are you on? I think there is a setting in the config file on PC somewhere.

using PC with a Steam copy.

OK, moved you to the correct section. @Adabiviak - any ideas on this one?

There is no BL2 game option to do that.

It is against forum rules to discuss third party mods, so you will have to use a search engine for answers.

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If this is even possible without 3 party nonsense, this would involve manually altering an .ini - so is this against forum regs to discuss, @VaultHunter101 ?

I certainly have no idea where it would be ; and why would I want to see them gone anyways? :wink:

This was meant for BL1 btw, I don’t know why it was moved to the BL2 one or if it matters.

You posted originally in BL2 General Discussion, so I just assumed you were playing BL2. Anyway:

  • Moved to the correct section for BL1
  • Manual tweaks to the config file on PC are OK for discussion

Hopefully one of the PC regulars will know what needs to be changed and where it can be found.

nope it was borderlands, then fan creation. did not post it in BL2.

My bad!

Sorry about the late reply… I don’t know anything specific about this (for BL1 or 2), but as this post is about BL1, Gearbox appears to be more lax about mods for it? I don’t see anything specific about it in Willowtree (and it’s been a year at least since I saw someone post a new mod for BL1 in the forums), but this sounds like some low-level stuff. :grimacing: