How do I report cheaters?

Just played meltdown and the Whiskey Foxtrot noclipped throughout the map. It wasn’t lag because he would move regularly when attacking but when sprinting he would zoom all over the map consistently and was so fast not even a Tier 3 Stinger Turret could injure him. There’s no option to report in-game and the sticky post GBX has on the Steam forums only talks about EVOLVE, not Battleborn. Please do not tell me this has to go through Steam because Steam couldn’t care less

EDIT: I have found other people he has done this to. They also have Match IDs

Sadly when it comes to PC gaming, most companies couldn’t care less about hacks.

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So there’s nothing I can do?

Considering I haven’t seen any Gearbox people on this site since the launch, I doubt it.

Just perfect

There are people active on the site, just check the “Dev Tracker” section.

Also, I don’t know exactly where to go to report a cheater but I would try support in which they will ask for the match id (It’s somewhere in your previous games section)

If it is not support that you’re supposed to go to, I’m sure they’ll direct you to the right place at least, or they’ll send it themselves.

You could snapshot the results, with the game ID in the lower left corner.
Post it here for starters I guess.

previous games section?

It’s on the main menu where you see find X game and command, there should be some smaller sections below those and it’s one of them

You can also report it to Steam. If they investigate and conclude they were cheating their account can be banned.

tries to hold it in that Steam customer support is horrible and has been the topic of several Kotaku articles

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I’ve never had a problem with them for other things. Regardless, when accusing someone of cheating you basically need a video to get any real traction on the claim. Otherwise it’s just a waste of time. Hopefully someone from GBX can step in and say what the official process, if any, is for them.

@anubisgod666 this is from another thread but same issue none the less

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Note that you need a video proof. Otherwise don’t expect any actions to be taken. My report about Uldfutter (linked in your post) was closed after I said I have no video proving he’s aimbotting.

you dont need videoproof in this game.
Just report the match-ID and they’ll take a look at the data.

What if I had two other people that can back up my claims?