How do i save in this game?

Ive googled it a bunch of times and i still dont know, any suggestions?

It auto-saves each time you pass one of those New-U respawn points (you’ll hear it beep, its light will go green, and the rotating vault symbol will pop up on your screen). And it will also save when you quit.

If, despite all that, your saves aren’t actually saving, it’s probably your OS/AV setting the folder hierarchy containing all you game files to ‘read only’ as part of an anti-malware strategy. If that’s the case, you’ll need to create an exemption. Instructions for that should be easy to find.

Also - you can’t save while quitting if:

  • you are in the middle of respawning
  • you just entered the game (e.g. if you are farming Underdome machines, you have to wait 30 seconds or so before you can save and quit)
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You can manually trigger a save point if you go into your menu and turn your Badass Ranks on/off (or off/on as the case may be). If you complete a difficult mission or find a nice piece of loot that you’d be loathe to lose by having a game crash, for example (I’m looking at you, Opportunity), just do this, and it’ll fire a save.

Wrong game, but true for BL2 and TPS!

Oh whoops! :zipper_mouth_face: