How do I start Directors Cut?

I can’t figure out how to start the new DLC, “Directors Cut.” It’s not under DLC and no sign of it if I go where I left off in the game. I was able to start each of the prior DLC but this one I can’t figure out. Help pleas.

Mission in Ava’s room, raid boss in Claptrap’s room.

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Thanks, I’m reinstalling it but I’ll try your suggestion.

That was it GrzesPL Thanks for your help. Is this going to be all side missions? I noticed the first mission is a side mission and it does show the mission under”Directors Cut.” No main missions for Directors Cut?

Every dlc is side mission. Story missions are only from base game.

I thought I had played story or main missions in prior DLC.

Actually, they advertised “New Story Missions” for Directors Cut .

Every DLC are story missions cause they are telling the story, but in game they are not part of main story and are considered as side missions.

I got the new missions at Sanctuary but when I get to the door for the new Raid Boss it says Travel Unavailable. I bought Season 2 Pass and Epic says I have the new content. Went to the new murder mysteries and get the same message Travel Unavailable. Is this an Epic thing or a glitch with GBX. My VH have all killed Tyreen and none of them can get access to Directors Cut.

Well, all my prior dlc had “Main” and “Side” missions and were listed as such.

They were also advertised as full campaign add-ons with their own unique maps, which this isn’t. Think of it more as a set of Headhunter packs. I haven’t started it yet, but I’m guessing that completing the first Ava mystery unlocks the next and so on, so it’s more like an extended side quest chain?