How do I start True Vault Hunter mode?

I’ve got the Borderlands Triple Packs with parts 1, 2, The Pre Sequel and all the add-ons. I played through BL2 as Maya, finished the final battle and the message popped up saying ‘You have unlocked True Vault Hunter mode’.

I wanted to try it with a different character so I started a new game with that guy that can Gunzerk but I didn’t get the option for TVHM. Looking it up I found you can only start it with the character you beat the game with the first time.

So I started another new game with Maya but still don’t get the TVHM option. Is it something I have to install from the disc, is there some setting I have to change in the options or what do I need to do?


p.s. - I’m playing on the PS3

You have to unlock each playthrough with each individual character/save file you start. You completed with Maya, but will only be able to access TVHM with that specific save file. To access TVHM and UVHM with future characters, you complete the story again. And again. And again.

Happy looting.


In order to activate it, you must select “select new character” or something to that effect on the main menu, then should get the option to select either NVHM or TVHM. Must be on the character you completed the game with!

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I found the save file in the game data utility (Maya level 41) - how do I get the game to load that specific file?

Ah, that was it - ‘select character’ is down in the lower right corner. I selected Maya level 41, it loaded up and gave me the TVHM option. I pressed Continue and now Claptrap is digging me out of the snow and I’m level 41.

Thanks everyone!

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go tear Jack a new one again :slight_smile:


Happy Vault Hunting!

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