How do I stop Overleveling my gear?

Revently, there was a massive steam sale (and still is, until the July 5th) where Borderlands 2 GOTY edition was $8, so I decided to buy it. I’ve been trying to level my characters but on all of them, I encounter a problem: Gear. I always end up having to buy from vending machines, and it seems like the game hates me. It took me until level 12 on my Psycho to say “To hell with it.” and buy a replacement shield from a Zed vending machine to replace my level 5 shield, because the game decided to not give me shields.

This happens on every character I play, and I’m not quite sure why. I just want to know what steps I can take to avoid this situation in the future. Thanks for your replies in advance.

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1- open every container- boxes, chests, skag pile, bullymong heaps, everything. You never know what you’ll find.
2- in normal different areas of the game will have different levels assigned to them- the vendor in Tundra Express will have higher level gear than the ones in Three Horns Divide.
3- do all the side quests you can- it’s a great way to get XP as well as providing additional areas to find gear…


Also, don’t rush through areas - shoot and loot everything. And don’t turn your nose up at gear just because it’s white or green!

If this is your first time through the game, you may also find the following helpful:


A great way to get good gear early on is to level up Goliaths. Pop the helmet, and let them go to work. Take out strong enemies that are able to kill them, or take off most of their health, and let the Goliaths finish them off. Once they reach GOD-liath, you kill them. They will usually drop a purple and a blue item along with some eridium.

One of my favourite areas to do it in is Frostburn Canyon. There are several places there where Goliaths spawn frequently, and there are also lots of weaker enemies. Just kill the fire nomads, and everything should work out fine. If the Goliath hasn’t reached GOD-liath once the enemies are killed in that particular area, just let him chase you on to the next area. Just keep running and jumping around the enemies in the new area, and… voilà!

There are also a few unique/legendary items that are easy to get early on. Lascaux, Gwen’s Head, Flame of the Firehawk. They really make a difference if you’re struggling. Farming for an Unkempt Harold is also something to consider. Even though it will be around level 7, it will still kick ass for a long time. Once you reach Tundra Express, you can farm Goliaths again. You can also farm loot midgets there. They drop nice things from time to time.

And finally… Just because an item is green doesn’t mean it sucks. Compare dropped loot, items in chests or vending machines to your own gear. If it’s better, then it’s better! Simple as that!


And if you really get in a pinch, redeem some shift codes and hit the golden chest at Sanctuary. Guaranteed on-level purple gear. (Or in the case of relics, blue…)


Thank you very much. I think I have a general strategy on how to get decent loot.

Level 9, GODliath farming/Side Quests

Level 12, Side Quests,

Level 15, Headhunters DLCs

Level 20, Side Quests/GODliath farming

Level 25, BNK-3R Farming

Level 30, Don’t bother, it’s all gonna be irrelevant by Sanctuary in your next play through. Just play a bit of Tourge’s or Tiny Tina’s DLC and you’ll be good for a while.

And thank you to VaultHunter101. I have a bad habit of blasting through areas, and I’ll be sure to be more efficient!