How do i teleport back to base with my controller?

you should tell people HOW to teleport back to base instead of just telling them to teleport back to base

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Down on the D-pad.

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Yeah but this is never clarified in game. It was something that took me a long time and some conversations with other players to figure out.

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Doesn’t the Incursion tutorial tell you to teleport back to base?

I didn’t have the Incursion Tutorial when I learned it. Even in the Incursion Tutorial I think it’s situational on whether or not it comes up. If your damage doesn’t get low enough it won’t tell you to teleport.

If anything else, you can go into Options -> Controller -> Controls to see which button does what. Don’t know what it’d be on PC, but the principle would be the same I’d imagine.

Not really going to help you in the middle of a game with Nova yapping at you. I get what you’re saying, you can learn for sure, but I also see where the OP is coming from.

Oh yeah, for sure. Am not disagreeing with the OP at all, I’m sympathetic to the problem. Just pointing out that it can be found in-game if you look for it so it may help the next time you may need it.

After all, most games have a “Controls” section :thumbsup: