How do i turn off the ad

how the hell do i turn off the add in the main menu ? i already onw BL3 on epic and don’t care about buying it on steam , so im not interested by the add.

Please reply as fast as possible

Moved you to the right section. I don’t personally know of any way to turn off the ads in game. You could try filing a support ticket but I’m not sure if the ad is something that can be turned on/off via user settings or the config file.

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I have the add for borderlands 3 on the main menu but i already own borderlands 3. How to turn it off please ? Also it seems to slow down the loading of the main menu

Only way is to buy the BL3 in digital version.

I already have a Super Deluxe Pack on Epic. I have all of BL games! So why Gearbox need me to see this annoing add? To buy the game for the 2nd time?
Guys! Can you fix Ambient Occlusion instead?!

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First, I am sorry that don’t know how to erase ads. I really want to know how too.

This ad is exist in not only Borderlands 2, but also exist in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!.
These ads really makes me feel annoying. Terrible looks. And yep I have the Borderlands 3 in Epic. I don’t need this ad really.

And this is what I want tell to GBX…
Before start, apology that I have to use aggressive expression.
These ad things was really disappointing move. Who need this ads anyway? People who waits until released on Steam until 13 March? If you say yes, then that thought was too short. Do you think they don’t check news about what they waiting for it until this time? If you want aggressive advertisement, just post it on Borderlands 2/ Borderlands TPS news page of steam library like on Borderlands GOTY, not in the game directly.

Don’t use your masterpiece as advertisement panel please.


Wow! really thanks!

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GBX has shown little to no respect for their older titles and this is just a continuation…I think it comes from the fact that the many of the big game developers who had hits before the acceptance of predatory monetization schemes feel like they missed the boat, hence the attempt by many to include them in re-releases (MW4) or charging people for mods etc (Skyrim/Fallout)…GBX is likely irritated they couldn’t further monetize BL2 or TPS to any real degree, so they will bastardize them as much as possible to get people to BL3 which is something they monetize to the most their capable of…Is Gearbox the worst in this regard, no of course not, BL3 could have been more heavily monetized than it is, but not being the worst doesn’t make you good.

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How do you know this is all GBX? Everything Borderlands publishing/marketing related is 2K, not GBX.

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While I agree that the ad would be annoying, I can’t agree with this.
In 2019 -
GBX updated Borderlands 1 with new graphics and some quality of life items 10 years after the game was initially released.
GBX updated Borderlands 2 with new graphics and a new DLC 7 years after the game was released.

I personally find that rather remarkable support for old games.


The question is the purpose for doing so, which I believe to be a marketing exercise for BL3. This is further supported that they’ve now used both BL1 remaster and updated BL2 as a platform for advertising for BL3 and people are forced to go into their root files on PC (or are stuck with it on console) to do deal with it…In my mind, the way they handled the Lilith DLC was very disrespectful to the base game. Not only did they stealth nerf everyone’s gear with no notice, they also made it so buying the Lilith DLC (it was only free for a short time) is necessary now to access the full game as you can’t run the OP levels without it (despite the fact they haven’t changed their listings on the UVHM 2 DLC to reflect this). It’s not all terrible and it’s a decent DLC, but they were willing to rip up bits of their biggest hit ever (including now a nasty little bit of false advertising for those getting into the game) just to promote BL3, hence why I say they have little respect for it…


So you add adverts, you add a banner on top of the game menu, and then you still add Borderlands 3 to the menu as well both going to the same purchase screen. Is this really necessary, why couldn’t this popup where the other announcements are shown? This actually makes me more determined never to purchase anything you release ever again, just unacceptable.


I think this has run it’s useful course.

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