How do I un-screw my saves after having a DLC refunded

Title. Holodome is an overpriced piece of crap, so I demanded a refund from Valve, and they accepted, thing is, my old saves became unplayable. Holodome is still listed under “owned” DLCs in the Steam Library, and I can check/uncheck it all I want, which causes the game to redownload some stuff. Doesn’t change the unplayableness, though. This is what I get after launching the game:

My first thought was to use gibbed to somehow make the saves “forget” they require Holodome, but as it turns out it’s either not doable or I’m too dumb to figure out how to do it. Could be both.


Hi @Sedinus,

I would suggest submitting a support request before resorting to any third party solutions. Just visit and feel free to keep me posted here on how it’s going!

Quick question, out of curiousity.

Was your character IN the Holodome when you saved and quit?

Nope, I was in one of the Claptastic Voyage (which is a fantastic DLC, unlike Holodome) areas, farming for weapon.

Alright @JoeKGBX, I’ll give it a shot, though I fear all my characters might me lost forever. I don’t particularly care about Nisha and Athena, but losing Wilhelm and Claptrap stings a little.