How do I unlock Alani?

I have the digital deluxe version of the game, so I should have early access with her. I can see her in my command section and she looks to be unlocked but when I try to start a game, she is locked on that screen.

As a side note, at some point all of my characters looked unlocked on my command screen before they were truly unlocked, I think it was a bug or something, but they would unlock when they were suspense to.

If Alani has some kind of unlock conditions, I can’t see them.

Go to your command and check her out in any other section of hers like helixes, appearance etc. Bottom right should show “Unlock” so press whatever button it shows there

I don’t see where to unlock her, I checked every section she has. Not under info, helix, appearance, lore, or stats.

Weird that was how I unlocked her with a Key. I’m on PS4 tho btw. How about the marketplace?

The in game marketplace has a character slot now, but I can’t access it.

Select her in the command screen, then look on the lower right (PC). There should be an option to use your key to unlock her.

Is there a customer service phone number for Gearbox?

I have the same problem, even the previous unlocked issue with other characters. I E-mailed gearbox, waiting for a response.

There is nothing there for me. My game glitched awhile back and it was showing all characters unlocked on the command screen when they weren’t actually unlocked to use in matches yet. Alani seems to be the same.

I had the same issue with Ghalt. Shows unlocked in Command but was not selectable in a game. Have no issues with any other tho. If there’s really no way for u to get Alani best be re-installing or raise a ticket to Gearbox or 2k unless someone else has a better idea. You need to unlock her using the key

Think that has been happening to everyone (characters not showing as locked).

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I’m pretty sure it happens when you complete all the story missions.

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I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. If that doesn’t work, I am going to just re uninstall the game and be done with it.

What kind of a crappy company doesn’t have customer support. I found a phone number but it’s useless and says to use the online ticket thing but I used that thing when the game first came out and I didn’t get my pre order skins and STILL haven’t heard back from them, so that service is straight up useless.

Ok I am having the same problem. I am on Xbox1. I think I found the issue. I asked my roommate to purchase the digital deluxe version of the game for me on his Xbox. I gave him the $$ but he purchased the game under “his” profile. GearBox apperiantly doesn’t allow for different profiles to get the same content on the same Xbox. I guess I have to watch while other users play a character that I paid for. I was previously a big fan of their products but this has definitely left me feeling buyers remorse. I wonder if Blizzard Entertainment is willing to treat their customers better.

I purchased it under my profile on my Xbox1.

lol…I dont know why youd be mad with them about it. Its anti game sharing…Id like to think there was some kind of reason for you ti have your friend buy it on his account. If not shrugs…Its understandable tbh.

It was obviously an oversite on our part. I didn’t think it would matter whose profile it was purchased under. That doesn’t make sense to restrict me when I’m on the same xbox

LOL. Best post of 2016

This is what it looked like when I unlocked her on PS4 (thought I would add a photo for reference, incase it might help)…
Had to press triangle, and use a key to unlock her…
However I own a standard physical disc copy and played the beta to secure my access.


And I think I know what you mean @mwillia2222
Have just the one PS4 in this house, and therefore share games, because why would we buy more than one physical disc?..
Intended to play Battleborn split screen as well as solo, and preordered to get the golden skins…
We have no troubles playing the game of course, this shares across the system…
However with the preorder golden skins, they only unlocked/attached to the PSN user that redeemed the code…
So the other player didnt get them, it used to share these little bonuses across everyone on the same system…
But oh well, no biggie I guess… plenty to unlock!

I don’t think have anything like that on my screen. It looks like the game thinks she is unlocked already, until I try to select her in a match, there she is locked.

Is there a mod or someone I can talk to? This is ridiculous.