How do I upload an avatar image

Once I’ve clicked preferences I’m having trouble with uploading an avatar, I click on the avatar icon and the small pop up gives me the option to upload avatar but when I click on it nothing happens.
Must add I’m doing this from a touch phone so don’t know if that’s the problem.
I’m having the same trouble with adding a background picture etc although I have been able to attach my old forum sig in my profile.
Any help would be appreciated thanks. :slight_smile:

  1. Preference
  2. Chance avatar
  3. Select custom avatar
  4. Upload
  5. Save
  6. PROFIT!
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@itsTwister I’ve tried that but it just won’t let me interact with it.
I’m beginning to wonder if I’m not trusted enough yet or if there is a problem with the phone app side of things.

No youre member and theres no limitation to begin with on avatar selection.

So the menu were you chose gravatar or custom image is not working?
Are you on computer or smart phone?
I have had no problems chosing avatar on my iphone with iOS 8 using Google Chrome.
If youre on computer have you tried another browser?

Does it not show up (the Avatar you want to use) or save button not accessible?
I had some issues before uploading/choosing an Avi when it was in GIF format and not “squared” before it was uploaded.
Very odd since it would appear on my profile page but not on posts by my name.

I have had no problems using pics that isnt squar to begin with and .gif works fine but if its animated it wont animate.
Sometimes it takes time befor your avatar shows up at first but it will show after some time, this is a bug that was very present during testing days and most of ous couldnt see our own avatars but others could.

I figured GIF stuff doesn’t animate here, but GIF is the only format that I know of/can do to save transparency in images and I really wanted the transparency.

If Ive gathered correctly from previous posts of his, hes trying to do this on mobile.

I wouldnt doubt it has something to do with that. The mobile side of things tends to get wonky.

Dude you do know that you currently use an image that is transparent so I dont understand what youre complaining about…

Ah, even though the site was a bit wonky flr me at first it never prevented me from changing avatar. (ios)
@Bentu try just doing it on your computer if youre having problems on mobile and/or try setting it to desktop version on your phone and see if it works.
Some features that didnt work right for me on mobile in the beging worked in desktop mode so worth a try.

What I meant was saving it in GIF format was the only way that I knew of to retain the transparency of the picture but it was causing issues here (not showing up and/or being cropped funny) until I made it a “square” image. Oh and although it is a GIF it isn’t an animation unlike the one I have on the old forums.

Maybe instead of using “but GIF…” it should’ve/could’ve been “although GIF…” To help avoid confusion?
Wasn’t necessarily complaining, just stating some facts/observations I made when trying to upload my current avi.

Does that clear it up?

Thanks for the replies guys, yes I’m on a mobile, Galaxy S2 and use Internet Explorer.
I’ve tried to use the computer setting but neither of them will let me interact with the pop up.
I click on the load image and get the sound that goes with it on the phone but nothing happens.

I know next to nothing about mobile capabilities, but are you able to download Chrome to see if it may be a browser issue?

I’ll give it a go kitty


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Hallelujah! :smile_cat:

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One other thing, is the user card background supposed to show behind your post?

Edit. I’ve made a thread with some Borderlands images you can use as backgrounds etc.

The user card pops up when you click on a user’s name.

However, if your mobile experience is anything like mine, this doesnt work when viewing the mobile version of this site unfortunately.
Hitting a person’s user name will just take you straight to the profile. It’s lame. I hope that is one of the things that gets fixed.

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I kinda get it.
Well as I said befor theres a bug so that sometime you cant see your own avatar in threads but others can.

Also .gif is not only used to make animate pictures its uselly used for small picture like logos aka avatars.
And cropping is allways gonna be weird doesnt matter what site youre on.

Good job @Bentu told you it might have been the browser. :wink: (Or I said if you where on pc it might be the problem but you get the point)

[quote=“itsTwister, post:18, topic:46215”]
I kinda get it.Well as I said befor theres a bug so that sometime you cant see your own avatar in threads but others can.[/quOte]
Do we know much about this glitch? I tried re-uploading the image a time or two since I didn’t see it but it still didn’t show up but once I squared it on my end before uploading it instantly appeared. Could be a coincidence/bad luck but just feels a little funny to just be bad luck/coincidence.

[quote=“itsTwister, post:18, topic:46215”]Also .gif is not only used to make animate pictures its uselly used for small picture like logos aka avatars.And cropping is allways gonna be weird doesnt matter what site youre on.
[/quote]Lesson learned, crop/square images on my end before sending here just to be safe.

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  1. Agian I dont know anything about the glitch all I know is that sometimes you cant see it but other can, if youre having the bug after switching avatar I recommend asking people in for example RTT if they can see it.

  2. I dont crop befor I see how the site handles the cropping, If I like it Ill keep it. (Because Im lazy)

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