How do I use El Dragon?

Is it just me or is he really really weak??

I’ve been trying him but he fails as an assassin and is definitely not a tank. I do not understand what am I supposed to do with him. I like him but he seems so useless!

Can I have some help?


You have to dance, and snap your fingers.

OK, serious now…

  1. Always be ready to escape, plan your escape before the attack.
  2. Use skills that match your play style, he has several, read them.
  3. Once you get the power clap, use it! That thing creates distance you can use.
  4. Use health gear, sprint doesn’t hurt too.

You don’t have to die, he can slap, kick and push everyone.

@wisecarver Ok, but how do I enter the battle? Do I use the charge or the jumpkick?

He seems unable to take anyone on a 1v1…

He’s a glass cannon. Your clothesline is a great escape tool, kinda like Attikus’ Pounce. Don’t use it to initiate if you’re not certain you can escape without it. Because if you can’t escape without needing it, you’re as good as dead. As for his dragon splash, use that on minions to help clear waves early game so you level up faster. El Dragon can hit hard but he has very little defense and HP so keep that in mind. Once you get your Ult you can start using Dragon Splash to stun an enemy battleborn and unload a fury of basic attacks on them to do serious damage. Don’t target battleborn that have a way to stun you, because once you’re stunned you’re probably going to do or be close to death. If you can single out a single enemy he can be deadly.

He’s far from useless once you get used to him. I tend to build attack damage, attack speed and max health on him. All the better for hitting harder, faster and staying alive. He is a late game character, keep that in mind. At the beginning, you’re not going to be great, but after you get your Ult that’s when you become a monster.

Disclaimer: I’m not the best El Dragon, so you might want some more input from people who know him better.

Oh look what fell out of my pocket…

Not sure if it describes his buffs in the SU but it’s still a nice guide in how to play him. Gotta know the basics before you become champion

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…Just for the mention, I just did the Phoebe dlc at 100 OPs with Dragon, nooooo problem at all.

@RedX I have read that guide now. I will try to apply it in the game this evening and hope I get better with him!

I had a hunch El Dragon was going to be one of the most difficult characters… yet the game lists him as “easy”, isn’t it?

Yea, I see that. I don’t play dragon but from what I see from high level play with him, he is one of those guys that is easy to use but hard to master

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Doesn’t this apply to all characters though in various degrees? Or am I just naïve for thinking that? :no_mouth:

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Well… it was a generic statement. I don’t play him at all just watch others. Easy to use meaning you know what to do with the skills— hard to master meaning you struggle on ways to implement them with out feeding. Sorry, didn’t mean “master” like being the best owning everyone.

If it falls on all characters? Maybe… just depends on the person behind the wheel I guess… my first time playing phoebe I knew how to implement for the start and got worthy of song. I was scary ever since :zipper_mouth_face:


For me, finding my main in something is akin to the scene in the first Harry Potter movie, where Harry picks his wand. The first time i took Toby, i went 8/0 on OLD Capture, which i later found to be Toby’s worst mode before the changes were made to it, and Face-Off reared it’s ugly head…

Also, yes, my hair DID flutter, and all the windows in my house DID blow out. :smirk:


Aw, tried him again, but it just seems that my team is at a disadvantage if I use El Dragon.

He’s just so very squishy I have trouble even with simple farming…

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BELIEVE in yourself, buddy; you’re doing GREAT!

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Are you prioritizing his stacks? They are a big part of EDs effectiveness and having full stacks is first and foremost the most important thing
Don’t even look at another BB until you hit 10 stacks
Die? Drop everything until you get your missing 5 back

Ok, that sounds complicated… I’mma try…

Each enemy killed (Battleborn, Minions, and large shards oddly enough) boosts El Dragón’s primary melee combo damage by 2.0% and damage reduction by 2.0% , up to 10 stacks. Half of the stacks are lost on death.

First priority :+1:

If only the long-range shooters in the enemy team would let me farm!

Run in
Dragon Splash the wave
Throw some punches
Clothesline the wave on you way out

All in about 4-6 seconds


You get stacks off of anything with a health bar. Minions, battleborn, Ambra’s sunspots, Kleese’s rifts, thrall camps, even large shard clusters.


(same with Attikus. Also, Whiskey’s passive can proc off those)