How do i use multiplayer

Im wanting to do multiplayer on bl2 ps4.ive gone to options and changed to online public yet nobody ever joins my game. How do i join other peoples or is there a looking for group tool? Thanks

Level 18.

If you select “Matchmaking” from the main menu, you can then select to join a random game, or bring up a list of joinable games that are already in progress.

Also, there is a thread for PS4 players looking for others to play with as well - Met some pretty decent people from there.

The Matchmaking it THC is broken games don’t show up 90% of the time and you 9/10 if you try to join a game with an imported character you wont be able to load in to a game

I’ve never really had any real issues with it generally or using an imported character to be honest.

That said, there does often appear to be a very small number of online games available.