How do OP levels work?

I wasn’t a long-time player of BL2 on my old system, so I never heard of OP levels before this forum. What does that mean exactly? I get the leveling system through lvl 72, but then how do you go to OP levels from there?

The OP levels are unlocked by playing through Digistruct Peak. When you first beat it, you will unlock Overpower 1 (which you can access by starting the game from the main menu). If you beat Digistruct PEak, while playing on Overpower 1, you’ll then unlock Overpower 2. The peak gets tougher and tougher, and this process goes on till you reach the max of Overpower 8.

What Overpower levels DO, is level up the entire world around you by that number. Basically, this means that… at OP8, you are fighting level 80 enemies with level 80 gear. But you are still level 72.

Ohhh I get it now! Thanks for the awesome explanation!! My boyfriend got rid of his XBox and I stopped playing before all the DLC was even out, so I never even made it through everything or TVHM.

OP levels are pretty cool I find. I’m only on OP4 with my Axton right now. But basically, OP levels are just a way for you to get stronger, AAAND have tougher enemies to fight at the same time, without ruining your skill diversity either. Certain things become less effective, but other things become MORE effective during OP levels, and those other things are often things you wouldn’t use that much anyway.

Already explained quite well i think :smiley:
But yes, OP levels start unlocking when you play through Digipeak at 72.
Beat it once, itll tell you at the end youve unlocked OP1.
Save and quit, when you try to play itll prompt you to select the OP level you want to play at- at this point you choose OP1, then do Digipeak again to unlock the next level.

Enemies at OP8 will be 8-10 levels higher than you (scaled at you being level 80) and while you stay at 72 you will be able to wield what are essentially ‘level 80’ gear.

Some people hated it, but i like having more options in my play :smile:
You could play at 72 with 72 gear, or at OP8 with OP8 gear for more challenge; you could even do 72 playthroughs with OP8 gear if you wished!

Thanks! I’m excited to get that far. Now that it’s on next gen, and I actually have a few friends who are playing, BL2 will be a game I’ll be playing for a while now! I’ve already been hearing about OP gear on here, now I want to get some!

I am also wondering how this works, you guys have explained it good.

I thought I read someone on here mention not to do digipeak until 72 and at least halfway through uvhm.

Is there a reason to wait until halfway or should uvhm be completed? What is considered halfway point?

You can do Digistruct Peak any time you want.

What you shouldn’t do is work on OP Levels before you are meant to. That means joining the game of someone on 72 in UVHM (or have a 72+ player join your game?) who’s working on OP Levels before your character is 72/UVHM. As long as your character is on 72 and you have unlocked UVHM you should be fine but I can’t be 100% certain.
I really don’t believe UVHM progress matters otherwise you’d have problems with resetting UVHM but I suppose it’s better to make sure and beat the last campaign mission at least.