How do people even beat Lv. 9 of the Mutator Arena?

The first two waves are easy enough, but then Shadowtrap spawns, and I get killed. He’s already nearly impossible to beat when I fight him normally, let alone after I’ve spent a large portion of my ammo on the first two waves. Any tips?

Play in co-op
If not in co-op, just save and quit if shadow-trap appears

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I use acid on him, he is easier to track.

Save and Quit. Shadowtrap has more health than every form of the Invincible sentinel, Eclipse, and EOS put together.

Shadowtrap uses a laser. Use the Prismatic Bulwark. That should prevent your death a bit. A bit. The rest of the fight is about finding out which Shadowtrap is real, and which is a clone and preventing him from recharging.

I never fought Shadowtrap at level 9 arena, but those are the ways I use during Level 3 and 4.

level 9 you need way better strategy than to simply not die and kill him. he has too much health for any strategy that doesnt involve 999 maelstrom and a rocket launcher. he has too much health for those too.

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Anyone else beat the arena on 9 slices and not get a reward at all? I solo’d one last night, got nothing (kept the same settings from when I got double legendaries at 5 slices: low g, boosted elemental damage), and also the night before while playing co-op we got stiffed on 2 or 3 rounds. It was rewarding me/us everytime (minus the first round) at 3, 5, and 7 slices. Then I fight on max difficulty and get nothing?!

You have to select mutators with glitch chests for the best chance at oranges. It changes every round.

So it’s just randomly decided? I haven’t been changing the mutators, just the difficulty, and I’ve been getting good stuff (all my item of the day posts were from the same settings, low g/boosted elemental.) It just seemed weird that at 5 slices with the same mutators, I got 2 chests with a legendary in each, then switch it to 9 slices and got no reward at all.

Just read the description of the difficulty panel: Different chest types offer better chances at rewards, and each round, the Glitch chests are assigned to random mutators.

Yeah, how do you do it! I cruised up to level 8 but level 9 is insane!! Im playing as Nisha, what is the best equipment to use?

Depends on the mutators. That’s why there’s a bank and a Customization machine.

For Glass Turtle, I always use a Shield of Ages, for Vampire and Bleed I go with a Haymaker shield, everything else either naught shield or Purple Adaptive shield. Else I go with a pretty default Chronicler dual pistol build. Frigida, Luck cannon, some shotgun, some AR or launcher.

Transfusion grenades help staying alive.

I’d also like to add that maybe you can make do with one glitch chest. If you ask me, mag size mutator is quite a hindrance, while fast hands is fantastic, well worth foregoing a glitch chest for it. Same goes for the damage modifiers, at level 9 you might need those bonuses, so if you don’t have good gear to capitalize on, say, a sniper/railgun mutator, pick something else.

Idk where to gon the forum to look for coop. But does anybody want to play. I’m on Xbox one with a mic

Finaly soloed it!!! easily the hardest thing in the pre sequel univers, by far! The badas round in holodome was like a walk in the park in comparison. My nisha and luck cannon, absolute zero and docs flayer made my triggerfinger very sore :slight_smile: I must admit that it took ca 50-100 tries and i pulled it of by the skin of my teeth…