How do people feel about Kleese's deployables?

Personally i feel that they have way more health than needed. Definately more health than other deployables like ambra’s sunspots or even toby’s shield wall. In addition, a good Kleese can apparently plop them on top of you and trap you in them. Not fun.

The trapping you with one is something I have not seen and hope I don’t. As for their health… I’m okay with it. They don’t heal that much shield strength unless chained together and have a fairly slow tick time (until you reduce it in late helix). I personally feel they’re fine where they are. I can still destroy them fairly quickly when I need to as well.

Ambra isn’t dependent on sunspots for survival the way Kleese is on the rifts, so they need more. Also, giving sunspots more health more would make them significantly stronger because of the way sunspot mechanics work, so that’s a no-go. The rifts don’t work that way.

If someone can be trapped like one, that sounds like a bug, not a reason to change the rifts themselves.

Go to the kleese section I have posted tips and tricks for fighting with and against him in that section. And it’s not trapping you like that it’s putting a rift ward in a door to body block you so you can’t go through it, some pathways and doors can be blocked by a rift and I do that a lot with kleese. But it requires smaller doors like on temples for capture.