How do people like shard generating gear in PVP?

I have been disregarding shard generating gear for a while because they need to pay for themselves before they start netting returns, but I tried one in a story mission and found that I actually liked it. How viable do you all feel they for PVP?

If you manage to get a grey with a downside, they have no shard cost, meaning you can passively generate shards the entire match. It’s not too much…but it works pretty well if you intend on being “that guy” who focuses on building things. Especially if you have an epic skeleton key, since those have passive shard generation and reduce buildable cost.

I have one that lowers skill damage a little and is free. Start it first thing in a game. Then my next is a shield booster that also generates shards for 650. My third gear is legendary and I normally have it within 5 minutes. The rest of the shards you generate go towards buildables for XP gravy. So my experience has been very positive

Depends on stage.
On Overgrowth, it’s worthless.
On say capture, 0-cost shard become real good if you want to wear a purple gear set or something.

I have one that lowers reload speed and in early access I had one that reduced shields that I used on thorn.

I love them for PVP, buildables get you XP and really help your pushes. Also it lets you get to your gear much faster while still building. Even late in the game they are good so when you build something that was destroyed you can get it right to level 2-3.

I have a horrible time in capture PvP games, since gathering shards and building gear is so much more difficult. Having a shard generator there is almost crucial for me.

I like it a lot, for all of the modes. A cheap-free shard generator can make it so you don’t have to farm shards, and helps when you’re matched against an aggressive team. Those extra shards can make the difference, especially in Capture where there’s not a lot of shards to begin with.

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One thing I suggest for everyone is finding a free shard generator. Preferably 2 or 3 with different negative effects so you can give one that will not hurt you. One that reduces heal power will only affect healers, reload speed doesn’t matter to montana, orendi or melee.

For incursion and meltdown they are a huge boon, as even if you aren’t building up defenses it will help you hit thise epic or legendary gear that matter so much. For capture…they are ok but I’ve found those matches are so fast they don’t matter as much.

Another thing to look for is shard generating as an off-stat. I have an epic shield generator that has a high shard generator as offstat. With 3 to 4 shards a tic once that and the free one are active, I can build like crazy. Also giving miko a shield freaks some people out.

I have a blue one. It cost 7-800 shards. I thought that it wasn’t worth the cost. I was wrong. It generates 2.something shards per second and an additional 1.something shards every time I pick up an item. It becomes 4 shards per second if you pick up one item, albeit for a short time. If I break a shard cluster, it can change the 300 I get from it into 500 if not more. There have been games that I run out of things to buy due to max upgrades and minion cooldowns.

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I use a zero-cost shard generator which has a reload speed penalty, and equip it on characters that don’t need to reload.

I only use shard generators on Incursion, since Meltdown has such an absurdly high number of shards on the map.

On capture, I almost always use a free shard generator.

1 shard/second will generate 1000 shards in about 16.5 minutes
1.5 shard/second will generate 1000 shards in about 11 minutes
2 shards/second will generate 1000 shards in about 8.5 minutes

Most capture matches are about 10 minutes, so that 1000 shards I can generate really only gets me a few accelerators.

So, if you PAY for a shard generation item, that cuts into your “profits” even more, not to mention the stat bonus you could have had if you’d taken another item.

Incursion and Meltdown (as mentioned above), I can get thousands of shards in less than 5-6 minutes, depending on exactly how the match is going.