How do see a count of your current Golden Key total?

So, I might be staring right at it, but how do you find a current total for all owned Golden Keys in TPS? This was easily found in BL2 but now I can’t find it. I will appreciate any help (and ridicule for being oblivious).

Should be last tab in your backpack (challenges) or you can just go up to the golden box and see them as you hover to open it.


I know if you go up to the golden box it will tell you how many that particular character has withdrawn. But after redeeming shift codes, I thought it would tell you how many are available in total for all characters (prior to withdrawing keys from the kiosk near the elevator). As far as I can tell, you have to count that list manually. Or I’m missing something. Maybe even the withdrawn keys are available to all characters?

Go into your backpack and scroll to the BA challenges. It should be in the bottom left corner along with your moonstones/eridium count.

There is no way to tell outside of the game how many keys you have if that is what you are asking.

I will look tonight, but I seem to remember that the counted value of keys that are listed in your backpack on the BA tab is the number of keys that have withdrawn by that particular character from the Shift Machine and not the total number of keys that still exist in the Shift Machine. These can be withdrawn by any of the characters in your account. Again, there’s a very good chance I’m wrong and I appreciate the responses.

In BL2, when you entered a game, it would tell you that you have X number of available keys. I just know it was set up differently for TPS.

I think you are correct.


I looked last night. Basically, you can easily see how many Golden Keys your character has withdrawn from the Shift Machine in Concordia. However, I cannot find the count of how many Golden Keys are in the Shift Machine and that are available for withdrawal from any of my characters. If you withdraw immediately, this isn’t an issue. I just tend to bank them up for later use.