How do skills and scaling per level work?

Alright so I’ve been playing with Alani a lot in the dojo trying to figure out a new build with her however I’m having an issue of figuring out what multiplier to use with her wellspring heals as all of her 3 abilities scale at different rates. All the numbers I’m about to give for her are for using no gear so there is no additional multiplier. For her level 1 Riptide ability it starts out at 33 damage (as seen in her helix) and at level 10 does 113 (as seen in her helix at level 10) which is her base level multiplied by 3.43. Then looking at her second ability Geyser at level 1 is 134 damage then at level 10 deals 214 which is the base level multiplied by 1.65. Finally looking at her ultimate Emergence at level 1 damage for the dragon is 167 and then over the 4 seconds another 251 damage. At level 10 the dragon deals 417 damage and 626 over 4 seconds which takes the base level multiplied by 2.495. Then as far as her osmosis goes at level 1 with 3 osmosis stacks she can heal for 450 and for level 3 with 3 osmosis stacks heals for 484 so her healing seems to be multiplied by approximately 1.038 per level. I don’t have her healing at 10 as a definite number just yet but hypothetically with using the level multiplier I can assume at 10 her healing would be (.0389=0.342, 0.342+1=1.342, 1.342450=603.9) 604 healing with no gear or helixes selected. So from just looking at that all 4 of her abilities are scaling at different rates. Shouldn’t every ability be scaling at the same rate? Or am I missing something entirely? If you could help shed some light @Jythri or anyone else this would be greatly appreciated!


I’d need to do some numbers to check with Alani but here’s some useful information about levels and scaling:

When looking at a characters skills in the command menu, the numbers shown aren’t actually the base damage. They are a “level 0” base line and when you start a game you start at level 1 and get the first scaling. Example: Rath’s Crossblade has a “base” damage of 200 but it’s level one damage is 208.

Next: skills gain a set amount of damage per level and it’s usually 8 damage per level on most skills. So the there’s a difference of 80 damage between the level 0 and level 10 versions of a skill. Looking at Alani’s Riptide and Geyser you can see this exact scaling.

Ultimates have a different scaling depending on which character’s ult it is. Rath’s Dreadwind gains 75 damage per level, while Alani’s Emergance gains 25 damage on the dragon and 36 damage on the AoE afterwards.

The level ten healing given by Alani with three stacks of Osmosis is 606 healing (no gear or helix choices that affect that) so you were pretty close.

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Okay I see that does helps out a lot! Thank you for the elaborated response. This is exactly the info I was trying to figure out. I had just assumed everything across the board scaled at the same rate so I got lost trying to do calculations


No problem. And something to take note of when you are making your build, Alani’s Wellspring (her L2, LT or right click depending on your system) scales with skill damage gear as well as heal power gear. So keep that in mind when you consider your gear.

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So given that Alani’s level 10 healing with 3 stacks is 606 then does that mean that without gear and upgrades, her lore is currently uncomplete-able? Is it even possible WITH the aforementioned gear and upgrades.

Time Blurs in the Depths - Heal 800 health with a single Wellspring, 50 times.

Maybe this has been brought up before, but the “Alani nerf thread” is huge and daunting to look through so I was wondering if anybody had quick insight.

With helix that gives 15% and 25% is 871 ur max with white gear 14% and 9% 1082


It is possible. I have 500+ games on her. Granted now it is harder to get to that 800+ healing early game use a heal power item with more heal power and a skill damage item. Then at level 3 take the 15% healing and at level 5 the mutation that gives 25% more healing at 3 osmosis stacks. By that point you should have no issue healing over 800+.


To add to what @xstephenx said, you also have to find someone that actually needs 800 points of healing done to them, since excess hp are lost to the ether and don’t count. That might actually be the hardest part.


Yeahhhhh, that’s been the biggest obstacle.

Thanks for the quick answer everyone!

As others have said with both helix that increase healing she can hit 800 late game but for ealier you need gear. As for getting it to count the easiest way is take a friend using a tank into pve as you will have much more time at high lvl than pvp.