How do the drops work for legendaries

So I really enjoyed farming for weapons in Borderlands 2 but now I don’t know how this system works
Do they drop from certain bosses (like the infinity with doc mercy, and unkempt Harold for savage lee) or are they all world drops

Please help!

It’s been a while since I played the original Borderlands, but from what I can remember, the legendaries were not location specific in the original.

I do remember that you had a greater chance to get them from the vending machines and loot chests.
( The entire time I have played BL2, with many, many, many characters…I have only ever seen ONE legendary in a BL2 vending machine. ONE! lol. …and it and I were at such a low level that I couldn’t possibly afford it ).

As far as a percentage rate goes, I honestly have no clue…but I do remember much less farming in Borderlands.

It’s all random, pretty much. Certain enemies favour specific guns - bruisers use shotguns and rockets, bandits use shotguns and SMGs, lancemen use assault rifles and SMGs, etc.

Enemies in this game drop what they’re using a lot of the time, so if they have a legendary then you’ll get it.

Other than that, only a specific part has to be generated as a legendary variant instead of a whole gun, so legedaries are much more frequent, especially in the endgame. Expect to have a legendary around the time you finish Krom’s Canyon.

Well thx guys but what enemy type would I “farm” the equalizer revolver from?
And I assume I would farm the unforgiven from the same.

God I love Borderlands 2 farming a lot better.

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Chests have a much better chance than enemy’s.

Do you have the Knoxx DLC? The armoury will give you more legendaries than you know what to do with.

Also it contains a raid boss: Crawmerax the Invincible.

Unlike Bl2’s stingy bosses Craw will likely drop about 5 legendaries per kill. If your looking for an Equaliser you’ll only have to kill him once. They drop so commonly it’s insane.

Unforgiven’s are one of the rarest guns in the game though.

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The farming is night and day different between the two games.

On the plus side, many bosses in Borderlands are guaranteed to drop a gun specific to only them. It will be a blue or purple rarity unique with Red Text. I don’t remember a boss dropping a legendary, but I could be wrong on that count.

My best luck was from chests and vending machines. Most of my farming seemed to be scooping up crap loot to sell to get money to get better loot from machines. Rinse and repeat.

I will say this though…I recommend trying to find a Masher variant of the Unforgiven. That thing is
monstrous and makes up for the slow ROF and reload speed.

Farm knoxxs treasure room or the claptrap robot revolution dlc’s treasure room. I get equalizers alot.

I once got 5 Equalizers from a single Craw kill.

“A lot” is an understatement.

Considering I have the best possible varient, they are an even bigger waste of space than before.

Also GGN Volcanos, I swear they are more common than non-Volcano Maliwan fire snipers.

Just checked and you are almost correct, at least as far as craw loot goes! In 41,497 weapons:

315 total Volcanoes
229 GGN Volcanoes
263 Maliwan fire snipers (non-Volcano)

Yea volcanoes i get all the time as well