How do the game go on after completed story mode

just completed the story mode, side quest didn’t completed, and mayhem mode option is available. it said now is true or THV mode, it should be the mayhem mode, but can i reset the main quest to rerun all main mission like BL2 as well side quest?

now what i do is to completed all side quest only, however, as i said, what will the game go on after end game, can i reset the game, as now i did’t see i can do the main quest again,but the game said u can do all story mission in mayhem mode, so confused how to do that like it said?

  1. there is a rank ( mine isn’t english, so i did’t know what it is called) u know what do i means , the coin needed for upgrade in this “rank”, how to earn it? it just give u one only , what happen if i claim it ? as i want to save it for 75 to upgrade VH or HV

i think you can only reset those in TVHM

and you need to finish the story again (crew chalanges are still the way you had them in normal though for some stupid reason they haven’t fixed yet)

next day or today, i find there is a option of mode selection in the front menu, is it TVH mode like BL2?

yeah, increased level on enemies (match your level up to 53 -> 54 on enemies) also drops from quests match your level (again up to lvl 53 so i’d hold off to do these when you reach 53)

so no use sticking around in normal after finishing it on any character (it grinds your XP progress to an allmost complete halt)

but i see the same on when mayhem mode is active, may it be able to raise the ''skull" level( under the exp bar ), i have enable mayhem mode, the skull keep on 1 only, i did’t know will it raise, as i am just LV48 now.

you can play up untill M4 now (mayhem 2.0 will be out soon and will overhaul the intire game yet again)

M1-3 has random (crap) modifiers… where M4 has just 1 positive and 1 negative.

the higher the mayhem, the better the “reward” you can change it on sanctuary (right side is up, left side is down) but this will also change with 2.0

we got mayhem mode, so what is the different if u replay the game again with current, mayhem enable ?

or if u play hard, this time the game just is equal to mayhem 1 or 2 etc. if u completed second run too, would this time, mayhem mode more difficult than firsst run mayhem mode?