How do the loot lockers work for l33t h4x0rz

I figured out how the modifiers work to get the glitch lockers but the only time I have actually gotten a glitch weapon was when I beat it on 7 pieces of cake. I got 2 crappy glitch pistols.

Is it even worth farming the arena for glitch weapons or am I better of doing something else?

Loot chest contents are subject to RNG, like all other loot sources. So any map with multiple glitch chests on it is as good as any other. You can check the loot maps provided in the below post and decide which you’d prefer:

I’d try Motherless Board for starters.

Thanks for that link, I will definitely take a look at it. What you are saying is it’s not worth doing the arena for a glitch weapon drop?

I think it’s really up to you. If you don’t enjoy running the arena itself, then just run the maps; if you enjoy the arena, run it with the settings that give you the most chests.

Fair enough. I love the arena aspect of it but one ofmy friends isnt much of a fan and was getting annoyed that it wasn’t giving hitched weapons out of the lockers so I told him I’d dig around and decided to just post about it. Thanks for your info!

If farming Glitched weapons is your goal. I would farm DSR. :wink:

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Alright I will do that

I farm the one Claptrap opens in the Nexus (always has 1 glitch weapon in it), just have to remember to not to follow claptrap and just save and quit after opening the chest and collecting the weapon. I’ve farmed out a ton of “Glitch” Weapons at all different Levels, using this method.
I will open all the other Glitch chests as I progress through after I finish farming chest, but by then I don’t have to worry about RNG being a stubborn Bitch most times.

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Interesting take on it. I will have to try it

Quick stupid question, what is DSR?

Denial Subroutine.


Thank you!

Like others said definitely farm denial subroutine for glitch weapons. He’s guaranteed, i believe to drop one. But alot of times ill get two per kill. Plus there’s the chest you can open after you kill him.

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I get off work here in like an hour and once I’m home that’s my plan for sure!

Thank you. :grin:

I was home sick yesterday. You probably know cause I was in BL2 most of yesterday. lol I saw ya. :wink:

I saw you too. Was going to ping you, but then someone else on my friends list wanted help to finish something we’d been doing co-op.

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same here but I saw you were already cooping so I didn’t want to interrupt. I just spent an hour farming those community day skins/heads. the method I saw is no more. so it’s sheer luck at this point. I don’t even think location makes a difference. just open/kill everything you see. lol

Yeah, that was a limited 1 (2?) week hotfix thing which I totally messed up on - I thought I’d already got the heads and skins, not realising I’d got them confused with a different set provided through a SHiFT code. :cry:

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