How do the queues work?

I’m on the pc. I’ve had several experiences in the last couple of weeks of sitting in the queue with a full team of 5 waiting long periods of time for a match. Waiting over an hour for a match. Then I notice on my friends list, people coming in much later and being matched fairly quickly while my group of 5 gets nothing (not positive, but I don’t believe that these are cases of people doing privates).

So I’m wondering about the mechanics behind this.

  1. Does the amount of time spent waiting matter? Does the game take that into consideration.
  2. If so, does someone leaving the queue reset the clock?
  3. Does the system favor groups over individuals?
  4. Does mixing players from different regions make it more or less likely to get matched quickly?
  5. To what extent does changing your steam download setting help?

I realize all most people have is conjecture, but interested to hear people’s thoughts.

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  1. You and your friend enter a queue and it helps to close the queue only by numbers.
  2. Exiting a queue and re-entering can help, I’ve done that many times.
  3. Changing your Steam D/L to Atlanta can help at times. (Central mix)
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