How do they reasonably plan to release 1 new char at a time?

I was just thinking, with the different other tweaks and fixes - I can see releasing 1 new character at a time will further frustrate the player population by feeling inaccessible since only one can be selected per pvp match. This will no doubt have further impact on those joining a match without a group.

I don’t know how they can release 1 new character at a time and be able to celebrate something only 1 person in a match can pick - since it can reasonably be a rush, leading to many interested potentially never selecting it fast enough (especially when you consider players loading into character select at uneven rates).

Again… 1 new character in the way this is set up seems like it will just fan frustration flames with it’s inaccessibility, which will then pair with indifference for those who won’t even bother to try them for that very reason (or general disinterest).

How do you think it works in LoL / DotA / smite / etc etc…
They’ll just add characters with DLC and whoever pick him first get to play him, and honestly I don’t see a problem with that.
Right now I’m more wondering “how will they add more characters if they don’t have any players” but that’s another subject…

I actually don’t know since I don’t play them, and meant to state that. I am curious how they worked out - less relevant with LoL since it’s so much older and expectations were different back when it was building from it’s launch. Also - aren’t all of those F2P? They use other systems for characters in that case. Everyone who is playing Battleborn right now bought the game. It’s not clear if everyone will get the first 5 (I think they do though, so there’s no partitioning the player base accessibility to those who own it - making it different than F2P models).

In other mobas (that are F2P yes) the characters are released one by one (usually, but it can happen that 2 or more get released at the same time) and will be available depending on how the game works.
LoL’s player will have to purchase it with money or in game currency, same for smite players, and DotA players just don’t have to care about purchasing it.

For Batleborn I do have doubt on weither or not the characters will be available for non-purchaser of the DLCs.
The battleborn in game ads says something like “if you get the pass you’ll be able to play the new characters right away”.
So my guess is that we’ll maybe all be able to play them but purchaser will get them instantly.
The other solution being “you didn’t pay the DLC you’ll never be able to play that character”.

S’what Story Mode is for, bud
we can try the new character (in this case Alani) out in Story Mode to get our feet wet before heading into PvP

Well, they will not only be releasing new characters, but new maps for PvP and new missions for PvE.

If they release them close enough together or at the same time, then it wouldn’t be all too unreasonable to expect a spike in PvE interest with the new character’s release.

Why is this important? Well, for PvE, unless you go into a private lobby and select the “Unique Characters” option, you can pick whatever character you like, regardless if someone had already picked them.

Have you ever played a match with 5 Orendis?

Also, for your concern about whether or not we will be able to play the characters, even if you don’t pay for DLC. I’m 90% certain that it will be available to everyone day one, it’s just that the season pass holders get ‘unlock tokens’ to instantly unlock any 1 character that they don’t already have unlocked, while the people who haven’t purchased the season pass have to complete a challenge to unlock them. Like Deande needing you to complete the Heliophage on Advanced.