How do we digistruct Vaughn's Technical

I go to the catch a ride but only have my 3 vehicles available. I ran into this same problem earlier when I blew up the DD technical from Ellie. What’s the solution?

I had to spawn another vehicle and then Vaughn’s showed up when I did.

No luck. Even when i create a Technical it comes up with me in it. No reactor, no Vaughn.

All the diamonds showing digistruct points are still there and the tracking still tells me to digistruct another Vaughn’s Technical

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Quit opening the machine and creating one of your vehicles. Just go to it and hit the respawn vehicle button. It took me a few tries to realize that.


Thanx guys. Problem solved


Glad to hear. That was a pain to figure out at first. Lol

On a PC, respawning a vehicle “T” doesn’t work. Must be a glitch.

In otherwords… how do you re-spawn a vehicle if that doesn’t work? Tried this level like 30 times and can’t get through it :frowning:

Not sure. Just hitting the vehicle respawn button at the nearest catch-a-ride station always works for me.

I have a hard time believing no one knows what to do if the respawn button doesn’t work.

You have to fast travel out and back into sandblast scar to get the technical back. Weird how everyone else is saying “just respawn at vehicle station” because that’s wrong and doesn’t work.

Its not wrong. It might not work for you but that is how its supposed to work. I’m playing on PlayStation and for every one of those missions if the vehicle breaks thats how I got it back.


It’s not wrong. A hint even pops up (on the left of your screen) telling you to respawn it at a catch-a-ride.

I am sorry you never saw the hint and had to fast travel, or the vehicle respawn didn’t work for you and a couple others. However that doesn’t make the correct method wrong. It just means that you and others stumbled onto yet another bug to report. So you have my sympathies there too.

T? For me, its Q. Try that.

I fast traveled to sanctuary and back to the mission location and it spawned to when you and vaughn enter the vehicle , so the solution is FT to sanctuary then back to the mission

I think there’s a bug with this mission on PC at least. I’ve seen it happen a couple times. Either save/quit, or you can use whatever vehicle you want to get to the end, exit the area and go back in (so you don’t have to run the map all over again). That seems to work.

I fixed the problem by changing the Q-keybinding to another and then respawning a new vehicle. Dunno what causes this bug but atleast it worked.

I got this bug and my solution was clicking Q like 10 times really fast. Not holding or pressing it 3 times. No, button smashing works!