How do we fix Capture?

We all know that “Capture”, by far, is the LEAST popular of all game modes. The concept is very simple, the games very quick, and there’s nothing else to it. It seems people don’t really like that. If people wanted to play a really really fast pvp match they would play overwatch

So what changes to Capture do you think would make it more appealing to the community?

Try not to change the fundamental objective behind the mode.

I’ll get the ball rollin’ with my awful ideas;

  • When a character captures a point, they will glow either red, blue, or yellow (a color for each point…the color of their outline will depend on the point they’ve captured) If a person who has captured a point is KILLED the point they captured is immediately relinquished. This will give players an alternative way to stop the points from ticking other than just by re-capturing the point. I also would think it’d be fun to chase somebody who is glowing and mow them down for the team.

  • Each point should start off HEAVILY guarded by NPC. In order to initially capture you have to work with your team to clear the place and then capture it. Make each point have like 1 Elite Bot, 2 Bulwarks, and 5 Ronin or sumthin’. They will be territorial meaning that they won’t follow you past a certain point .

  • Provide unique buildables to the mode other than the normal turrets, accelartors, and healing stations. Something like drones.
    Shield Drones: Shield the point from the enemy team, in order to gain access to the point to capture it, you gotta destroy the drone first. Something along the lines of the ones in the Algorithm bridge section.
    Traps Things like a bubble encompassing the point that deals DoT to those that enter until the point is captured/deactivated. Something akin to that of the Antem Fight. Or a sort of Marquis bubble trap that surrounds the point.

  • and uhh, finally maybe make the point ticks be slower OR require more points to win so the game can have enough time for comebacks and other unique strategies.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on how to improve the mode so people actually WANT to play it?

How about a “best of 3” default style to the mode that switches the team’s sides or even switches maps altogether between rounds? Keep it fresh rather than just making you play the same map and layout up to 3 times in a row whilst extending gameplay a bit.

( As a Boldur player I love Capture but nobody ever queues for it so I haven’t played it in ages :c Nothing quite as funny as sitting on the point with my shield up while my teamies wail on whoever’s trying inneffectually to dislodge me! :smiley: )

It doesn’t need changing. It’s my favorite mode for all the reasons you listed. Incursion is by far my least favorite. No idea why it’s so popular.

Lol, I played as boldur in capture as well, did the same thing, it was funny. NOTHING CAN KILL BOLDUR, MANY HAVE TRIED, ALL HAVE FAILED!

And best of three can deal with the “time” issue, but not really the “fun” part.

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I don’t mind Incursion - what I dislike is the incessant selection of Overgrowth as the map. TBH I wish Gearbox would remove map-voting from that mode alone just so I have a shot at some variety.


I think that the reason incursion is the most favorite between all the modes because it’s the only one that can be played like a deathmatch and still be won. Meltdown too sometimes because once you finish the players the deathmatch players will move to closest thing: minions. Besides, even one wave-clearer like OM that swings between lanes can cover for a deathmatch like team.

But Capture?

Capture cannot be won if played like a deathmatch. most of my capture wins were in games where the enemy team prioratized kills and i just ran between points capturing and building turrets the whole match. In the end they watch the scoreboard and see that their average score is around 20 but ours is around half of that and they don’t understand how they lost. They play Meltdown and they don’t understand how they lost, so they go Incursion.
Players like getting kills, getting highscore and winning–> Incursion.

Also, leveling is harder in Capture for players who only go for kills and players like leveling and augmenting their char. Another minor problem is the lack of shards which doesn’t allow players to activate their shiny, expensive gear.

One necessery change is making the score reward players who play to the objective, in Meltdown aswell.

I don’t think you can play any Battleborn Game Mode as Deathmatch. Not Meltdown at least.
And I thought that Capture was generally regarded as the most Deathmatch-y game mode? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I definitely agree that the Score edits can’t come soon enough!


Capture was my favorite mode, until it started being dead :confused:

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If people want to play any mode like DM, they should play any other non MOBA game. It’s all about the objectives in this game.

I don’t really see how Incursion can be played like DM. If you don’t attack sentries, you will lose or tie and if you let stuff attack your sentries, you will lose.

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They should honestly change it to Overwatch’s way of capturing nodes and keeping them instead of running around from point to point.

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King Of The Hill, then?

Yes that, forgot the name offhand. Been awhile since I played Team Fortress 2. But yeah I prefer something like that compared to running around like crazy people trying to capture 3 different nodes. It just ends up being too disorganized. I typically play with pre-made and we use voice chat, but I prefer the idea of using communication in incursion and meltdown I guess because capture just doesn’t seem like a fun enough mode to want to put in the effort of organized communication to begin with if that makes any sense.

5 Ronins? Hell no. And I think it should be a tug of war to 500 or 750. Matches could go longer, or end faster.

I love capture. Only reason why I don’t play it is because the queue times are too long. I preferred it when it was an option in the competitive and casual queue

This may be an unpopular view but personally I think we should get rid of it for the time being. There’s just too many modes for a population this small.

Have a look at the Evolve stage 2 relaunch. The game went F2P and the 5 modes were stripped down to 1. Queuing issues are now non-existent.

Fans of the 4 other modes got over it because they can now actually get a match.

The thing is, you’re assuming that if people who choose to play Capture no longer have the option to do so, then that will make them play the other modes to make matchmaking quicker. But that only works if those people actually even want to play the other modes. Look what happened last week with the new cue system. They took away Choice from people and the people got upset. You can end up with people who just won’t play anymore with no remedy to the queue issues

There will still be a choice though… Meltdown or Incursion. Only a small percentage of people prefer Capture. Hopefully they’d get over it.

best counter is Kleese, he can taser through Boldurs shield… Don’t know why, but he can.