How do we fix strike craft formations in HW1 Remastered?

Asking modders and such.
We know that using the HW2 engine in HW1 has really kicked the game in the gameplay gonads some, particularly with how fighter and corvette formations behave.

They move to contact, fire, then all split apart and go Top Gun for all but 10 seconds before they each get blown to pieces.

Can a modder solve this? Can a patch solve this? Is there anyway to force the ship formations to maintain cohesion in combat?

Or are we stuck with this for good?

From what I remember the special maneuvers as well as the formations are defined by script. So it should be easy to change that. The damage and RNG are also just a simple matter of changing stats.

The real problem is you can’t get the side strafing fighters back, at least not very easily.

Sure, this is not hard to mod at all. some others (with a small bit of contribution by myself) did this previously and the fruits of this ended up in allot of the HW2 mods out there.
I went a bit further and completely changed the behaviors making much more interesting dog fights, corvettes and frigates constantly orbiting and moving around larger craft, and classifying cap ships by mass/thrust with all the same top speeds (which where much higher) so lighter variants of the caps accelerated faster and heavy’s accelerated slower + rotation rate was greatly enhanced from the very low rate it was.
This worked out rather well and gave a more dynamic conflict that was less wwII battleship and more space 3d physics lite.

SO yes his is highly modifiable.


Why are you even asking if a modder can fix something that blatantly should be fixed by the devs, and arguably shouldn’t even have shipped in such an incomplete state.

It’s absolutely disgraceful that even a single member of the community for a game from a developer as successful as Gearbox says “Can a modder fix this game?” immediately on release.

It’s quite telling though that I’m holding out more hope for the modders than the devs too.


Well, how much they DO have done and how close it is to the original is still quite a testament to how much they worked on it. Remember, HW1 was built in 1999. Just how easy is it to get programs from Win95 and 98 to even RUN on modern computers? The hardware, software, programming, programs to DO programming, all so very VERY different. you might well say the difference between a 2014 Mclaren coupe and a 1972 Mustang are smaller. Getting one to run like the other would be QUITE the achievement.
As for having modders to instantly “fix” it to act like it used to. Yeah, the argument is there. Valid points all of them. On the other hand, they also wanted to make the multiplayer work. And having one faction have radically different fighter algorithms then another might well have had lots of unknown side-effects to game play. You really think that they wanted to change the fighters to act different? This was supposed to be a remastering, not a spiritual remake. Changing a core part of gameplay even in a minor way? They very well could have had good reasons for not doing it. If not technical, then at least for balance reasons or along those lines.

He’s asking because the modding community has been dealing with the in’s and out’s of the HW2 engine since it was released over a decade ago. GBX brought in a prominent member of the modding community to help guide recreating HW1 in the HW2 engine.

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Have any of you ever tested the Homeworld Remastered mod, there I tried to mimic as close as I could the HW1 ship behavior using exactly the same ship stats that the old HW1 had, with pretty good results from my point of view.

I did this by making entirely new flight maneuvers and attack styles, and can be applied to ships without changing the ships stats, if you are happy with this then we have something to propose to the devs, and in the last version I’m replicating fully simulated projectiles for these maneuvers be much more useful than they already are, I’m still working on a few more details though.


You’re kidding, a “fully simulated projectiles”? You’re building a physics engine for the game?

GBX couldn’t be arsed to do a physics engine, why should I believe you?

His project has news updates going back to 2012 I wouldn’t dismiss it off hand.

There is no need to change the physics engine, just use the correct stats maneuvers and attackstlyes and things will work as close as HW1 as the engine is capable, yet its not perfect as the old engine did.

The workaround for simulating projectiles was achieved back in 2003 by Tel-quesir using a method of unguided missiles, it worked pretty well, only is that it was mostly applied to heavy weapons only, also avoided by most mods because it was harder to balance and would be greatly affected by ship behavior, I only have managed to make even fighters use them correctly.