How do we get our old username back?

My Shift account username is different than my username on the old forum. Not sure how to get it back? Not a big deal but …

Ask a GBX person to chance it.
If you have a SHiFT username it will auto pick that and if you dont you can chance it in profil > preference ONCE.

Also this should have be in Off-topic, people seems to forget it exists.

Just once you say… hmm dang it. There goes using all my Steam names everyone loves.

You can also change your SHiFT username. There’s an explanation of how to do it in the FAQ.

Sixteen-character limit?

Doesn’t work if your old forum name has already been highjacked by another Shift user :frowning:

…or if it doesn’t fit in sixteen letters.

Indeed, happened to me too.

Have you tried Blackheart, without a capital h ?
Shift accounts are case-sensitive

Thanks for the tip - worked for me…

Actually, no. Didn’t really think about it as I like my capital letters I suppose. At least this V isn’t entirely random so I can live with it.

You can go to the Shift website and change your display name there.

Thanks for the replies people! Changed my display name!

I can’t get mine back. It’s eighteen letters, and Shift only allows sixteen.

Thanks for the information