How do y’all feel about the new skill trees?

Admittedly when I first heard about bl3 not getting dlc characters I was a bit bummed out. Krieg, Timothy and Gaige were some of the most fun and unique blends of personality and play style in borderlands and therefor were some of my favorite characters. Thinking about it now, Fl4k, Zane, Moze and Amara are four very powerful and interesting characters and in my opinion adding new skill trees and action skills will only add depth and intrigue to these four characters and can only make them feel more powerful then they already are. I don’t mind adding a new skill tree if, and only if, they add a fifth too. 2 new characters in total is 6 new skill trees while the route bl3 has taken only adds 4. I think it’ll be an incredibly waisted opportunity to only add a single skill tree. Giving Amara access to all five elements, Zane being able to mix and match between five different gadgets to use, Fl4k having the choice of 15 different pets and five different hunter related action skills, and Moze having even more guns to put on Iron Bear/Iron Cub or maybe even another version of a mech would make these characters extremely exciting and interesting to play. Including this, each character having 5 unique skill trees, 5 cap stones each and countless game changers would add so much diversity and would be an incredible opportunity for Gearbox to add some crazy game mechanics and make these four characters that we love even more unique, interesting and powerful. That being said if it stays at only one new skill tree each I’ll be incredibly disappointed, unless we get a new character or something along that lines. Now I wanna hear y’all feedback on this and more importantly I’d love to hear new action skill, cap stone, perk, pet and mech ideas. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and an even bigger thanks to y’all that left a comment.

I’m HOPING the reason is just that they’ve started working on BL4 and are using “would be DLC” vault hunters for mains in that. This way we don’t have to wait years for the next installment.

As it is, I’d rather they give us the option of doing mayhem 4 with the enemy scaling and everything, but disable modifiers over a new skill tree for the characters. Modifers, for me anyway, don’t add anything to game play just detract. Nothing better than clearing a area, and playing dodge the Death skulls(I usually seem to have 3 or more at a time) or have a floor full of spinners. And you can only roll the mods so much before it’s just like “whatever, they all suck so I’ll deal”.


I haven’t seen enough info on them to have a strong feeling beyond the feeling that I really need two skill points per level.

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Of course more skill trees means also more choices and build possibilities …

… assuming these possibilities are viable, and those builds have similar damage potency.

So, yes, a 5th skill tree beyond a 4th skill tree would be nice, IF all trees are balanced.
Right now, I can hardly say existing 3 trees are, and I can hardly believe new trees would be.

If not, that just means a new tree would become the new meta, and that every player would spec into it, leading to … less build possibilities, as no one wants to deal half the damage their friends do.

Time will tell.


That’s totally fair, but in my opinion with Borderlands being a primarily PvE game I’m personally not super concerned with balance, I obviously don’t want to just walk over enemies but I’m more concerned with having more fun an unique ways to play a character then all the characters being necessarily balanced. Yes if the new skill trees were OP that would be bad but I’d much prefer having the option to build new and unique ways and be able to be creative even if most players will lean towards a certain style of build. IMO what makes BL the best gaming franchise is the fact that you can truly play the game the way you want and in my eyes more options the better

First id like to say I’m a sucker for BL. it don’t matter what they throw I’ll simp and give money. I hope its being put to good use too. but i support them.
Now my fav characters have been DLC. (Gaige, Aurelia) However I know I have a 2nd fav and 3rd, so on… Maya would be my main in 2 if Gaige was never introduced. Wilhelm would be my main if Aurelia wasn’t introduced. And I want to point out that if Maya or Wilhelm got an additional tree I would of loved to see it.
lets say bl2 and tps didn’t introduce new characters and they always did more trees, ppl would be complaining that in bl3 we aren’t getting expanded on by our main 4 and are cheated out by a new character we have to start from scratch. So right off the bat, by not knowing any of this would create a different mindset. The “would be” DLC characters not ever existing, means I’m not missing out.
So to clarify my thoughts, yes I was disappointed that we wouldn’t get more characters to play with and have different action skills., however I’m glad gearbox let us know that they had no intentions of DLC characters early on. It let me know not to expect it, and in return we are getting expanded characters who we don’t need to grind through again to max lvl. (who want to go through that story again amiright). Let alone buy a DLC character some never touch (For me yes I play all characters but in the end Krieg and Jack were not worth my money since i did not play them as much as others (but yes I throw my money at GB cause BL is life). but a new skill tree for the 4 is honestly great for me. Im a very casual gamer when it comes to BL.
In BL1 I did multiple play throughs multiple times with the characters. Lilith being my Fav i would of loved her to have a 4th tree and Brick being my least played (I know I’m a monster) i would not buy as a DLC if I knew id never play him as much. (Yes I would of bought him cause I simp but that’s not the point here) No matter how many times i started over there was always something calling for me to pick LIL and to build her different each run. BL2 was not much different, Yes Gaige was technically released with the game and in my eyes just meant there were 5 VH. I played them all and multiple times but Gaige got my most attention on every new run. Gearbox however put the idea into our heads that DLC characters exist. The trend follows TPS and i expected it in Bl3 just like anyone else. But they released the statement very early “no intentions of DLC charecters being added but to expand on existing character”
My heart was BROKEN. No GAIGE no AURELIA. How could they take away my babys :frowning:
But… They didn’t. Gaige and Aurelia got to shine. All that has happened is that i assumed DLC characters were better. But they’re are plenty of people who don’t play the DLC as much. Trust me, I know zero, Salvador, Athena, Nisha MAINS.
I don’t believe us DLC lovers got the short stick, I think we a deal and its pretty sweet. we need to get over the idea that something is being taken and focus on whats been given. Our 4 VH in BL3 are growing for us. Hey u don’t like Amara? No Punch? No Stacks? No Elemental? well lets see what else she gets. Lets see what else Zane can build. FL4K’s got some tricks and I know your not looking at IRONCUB and thinking “Eww I want DLC character I need to go through the story again and find specific class mods for” (Gross)
YO listen. IDC if character number 5 was gonna be your main, cause guess what, THEY DONT EXIST. but u know who does… Your 2nd FAV. witch is actrully your FAV whos getting a NEW SKILL TREE. NEW BUILD. NEW CLASS MOD. NEW CAPSTONE. NEW NEW NEW.
Now are you a Truxican wrestler? A soldier? Young lady? Or a GODDAMN BEEF STICK WHOS BURPS SMELL LIKE BLOOD!!!



Didn’t gearbox say theres no new valut hunters? So theres still a slight chance of the old vault hunters coming back as playable characters. Maybe I’m wrong

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Would prefer a new set of VHs (I don’t love any BL3 character the way I did in some previous entries) but given they’ve been quite clear about that not happening from the beginning, I’ll happily take anything that adds some variety to the game instead.

How can you talk about something you have not seen. All i gathered from what they have shown us is that fuzzy math is potentially very easy to abuse skill i have no further concerns idgaf about dlc characters if we are getting extra skill trees

I’m wondering why Gearbox is making new skill trees when the existing ones are still broken and not working correctly a year after launch.

Oh silly me, it’s because Gearbox can sell a new skill tree as DLC but can’t sell a patch that fixes the existing game.


I dislike how this game got maintained tbh.
There is nothing tho i can do about it.
I tryed hard and gave up.

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Well I’d prefer Gearbox did some upkeep on the existing skilltrees first BUT I am looking forward to having more build opportunities since all I do these days is make new characters. One new skilltree for each character means I’ll have minimum 4 more playthroughs to enjoy.

Would also be happy to see DLC characters but I guess that’s not happening.

Not gonna lie I’m super curious to see if the new skill trees have a smooth release because if history is anything to go by 3 out of 4 will be broken beyond repair and the next several months will spent giving them a band-aid fix which will never get a long term solution.

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I haven’t been able to see any perks yet, but turning iron bear into more of a pet feels cheap, especially considering there is a character completely dedicated to pets.

And speaking of FL4K, all of his oets are cyborgs, but his new “pet” is a robot? A saurian pet would have been so cool.

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New character = new playthrough
New skill tree = respec, 15 minutes of messing about and game goes back on shelf

They should rethink their strategy seeing as the game has no replayability.


I actually never thought of that in that way, if we were getting skill tree extensions this whole time people would bitch about getting new characters! I too will buy all the dlc for bl because it’s such a fun casual game that promotes creativity and you can really play any way you wish too. I’m really looking forward to seeing what these trees will be

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That might be what the new mode is for.

I think trying to “fix” the existing trees forced them to come up with a fourth bc they realized there were a lot of broken skills, missed opportunities and more builds generally means more longevity for the game.

Leading up to the skill tree news, we’ve seen GB finally fix a lot of busted skills for Fl4k and Moze.

Got a quick rundown for someone that missed the past few months?

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Moze’s green tree got a general overhaul and buffs, Fl4k’s skills got buffs and bug fixes. That and the skill damage Mayhem scaling was definitely the saving grace.

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