How do you actually redeem the Tales of boderlands weapons?

Ive bought the season pass and downloaded both episodes but how do i get the new weapons in to my arsenal, wich steps do i have to take??

Did you check the Shift Vendor in Concordia? You can only redeem once so make sure you do it with a level 70 character.

Yeah i did, but nothing :frowning: I have to diffrent accounts on my ps3 and my level 70 char is on the account that NOT bought the season pass. I thaught it worked like when i purchased the dlc:s where i bought the dlc one one account (my creditcard is conected to that one) and played the same dlc on my other account, my level 70 char…

Hmmm, that’s really strange. I’d contact Tech Support and see if they could help you out.

If I’m not mistaken they also are in there in order so they may be below any keys you already have. Found that out with the Jack-o-Cannon way back when, thought it didn’t work until I used up a bunch of keys and there it was at the bottom of the queue.

There is a way to sort that list. If you have more than a couple keys they won’t show up if you don’t sort.