How do you beat a team that sticks together like glue?

Every time I see this strat the enemy team always wins because any time you try to go after one they all go after you. And if your team goes out after them they’ll usually have someone with a group stun I.e kelvin deande and el dragon and then they all just wreck face. Does anyone have a solid counter to this I would like to know so I don’t get steamrolled by this so much. Please and thank you

Every single ‘sweaty’ team always has a kelvin don’t they? That’s what irritates me about kelvin, the fact that he’s only used for stun-whoring entire teams.

But as for your question, coordination from your team is the only way you’ll beat a stacked, communicating team. So if you’re lucky enough to be able to communicate effectively with your team, you guys can decide who you focus and when you begin attacking.


Depends on your team composition but generally trying to push together, protecting flanks, advancing minions, killing the single Thrall quickly with one character, buying turrets, buying bots, etc.

Another thing is to abuse the fact that they don’t split. Choose mobile characters and harass them from all angles, take as much objectives (camps etc) as safely as you can to either force them to split or leave another part of the map open.

And stay spread out. As soon as you see those aoe stuns in their comp, stay away from your team mates.

Other than that, coordination is really necessary as RAAMzilla stated. Decide on a priority list and focus on those characters.


It pisses me off whenever I encounter this (edit: in Meltdown). It makes the game so terribly not fun. The rational part of me knows that it’s a legit tactic, but it feels so damned cheap and is not, IMO, the way the game was intended to be played (edit: again, specifically in Meltdown).

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Depends on the game mode, but I usually ignore them. In capture, I just go around and capture the points they’re not occupying, in meltdown I use the other lane and in incursion, I just hire mercs, flank and go after their sentries. No reason to even engage, in my opinion. That strat has it’s weaknesses, for sure.


How do you arrive at teamwork not being the way the game was intended to be played when there are several support characters who’s role on the field is the literal definition of teamwork?

Just curious.

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I’m attempting to master mellka right now (she’s so fun!) and the problem is when I do the poison and harassment tactic that I usually do the enemy team just starts cc chaining like crazy. That’s what annoys me so much about that strat is when I go for mid thralls they all just rush at me and cc chain me to death

In my head I was thinking of Meltdown, which is where I’ve seen this tactic employed on occasion. That didn’t make it into the post. I don’t think the intended tactic in Meltdown was to roam as a 5-man team. Sorry for being unclear. This isn’t about teamwork per se.

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For Incursion it’s best to sneak by them and poke at their sentry.

That will either split the group or force them back or you end up taking down the sentry.

If you find a team that is whoring together, your team has to jump in at the same time and kill them. It’s extremely easy to kill a bunch of people sticking together but if your team is flowing in 1 at a time = death.

This is probably the best thing you can do against group tactics, Mellka is one of the few who can really divide a bunched up team and pick them off without putting herself in danger, you can be so reckless with Mellka and still escape with a kill, she’s one of the few who can harass from range then dive-kill-escape. Pair her with Deande and you’ve got an assassin duo from hell, Mellka can split a group and isolate a target, then Deande can cloak in and kill or Brust Dash then cloak out to safety. I try to play so many other characters lately but I feel I’m forced to play my best as everyone’s out to play competitively and win no matter what it takes now. I get bored of playing my mastered characters, but against group tactics like this there’s little else you can do or they’ll just CC and gank you unless you have a slippery escape like Mellka’s Parting Gift (and the slow on Spike, of course)

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This tactic is exactly how the game is meant to be played. I know you said your opinion but the game puts emphasis on working as a team.

How does working and communicating as a team, balancing team comp, backing one another up, utilizing abilities effectively, etc. make up a cheap tactic? I don’t understand.

The biggest defense is to work just as well as a team. If you play with randoms like I do then it’s not always possible. But that doesn’t mean five man premades or communicative teams are cheap. It also doesn’t mean that these organized teams are guaranteed a win. I’ve won against these types of teams.

@supersawnick if they’re sticking together, literally, use Deande, Thorn, Orendi, Oscar Mike, etc. Battleborn with good AOE and just stack the sheet out of them. Make sure to build your defenses to help level you. Time getting thralls when your team is holding up well and you can take the single or two thralls by yourself (not always possible against good teams because they check the middle thralls and will go after you when they hear the notification). Communicate when able.

Tip: don’t ask if anyone has a headset. I find that annoying and won’t put mine on. Just say “hey guys, let’s win and have fun” or something. It’s much more inviting. I mute anyone that sounds too serious about the game or is like choose this person or make sure you guys know your characters (these players usually do the worst in my experience) . If you do want to be more serious then try to play with friends or get in a community. A lot of people add me or my husband and I’ve added a few people from just playing well with them.


Okay I see you edited again to mean that last part for meltdown as well.

Yes, the tactic OP mentioned is not good for Meltdown. It’s very ineffective. And annoying when your team tries to do it.

I apologize greatly.

Edit: just finished reading the whole thread and saw your other post that mentioned Meltdown.

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No no, not your fault. On me all the way. Appreciate it, though.

The problem is that it IS an effective tactic against groups that aren’t coordinated/aren’t as strong. This is the kind of thing that gets people raging about premades and “tryhards” (hate that term).

It’s a design flaw with Meltdown, IMO. Even if the opposing team manages to score some points while a group is roaming together, the more aggressive team can easily gain a level advantage by ganking, then start steamrolling. That kind of thing doesn’t work in LoL/Summoner’s Rift because if you lost towers it would be a big deal and because it takes so much longer to travers the map. In Meltdown it isn’t a big deal.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Meltdown as a mode, but I do see this as a flaw. It isn’t a problem in most matches, but I have seen it.

Offer the weak link a cookie to betray their team. Cookies work every time.


You hire thor and hulk to tag team them Q(o.oQ)

Meh it honestly depends on the team you have. My favorite tactic is send out a decoy. (usually a rath, boldur, galiea or montana) The decoy draws all of their attention. Then while they gang up on the decoy swoop in after they use their stun skills and take them out for some revenge.

Gotcha gotcha.

I have seen people do this. I guess for me and my general playstyle for Meltdown I can’t use that strategy effectively.

Is it a flaw with the actual mode or how people are playing it? I never considered needing change in Meltdown. I love it as well. I do prefer when people aren’t so aggressive a minute into the game though.

Would capture be considered a tower defense style? If not, maybe they should add one later on when the player base grows.

Well, if a team engages in a tactic and it is successful, it’s hard to call the tactic flawed, even if I don’t like it as a player. I’m not asking for changes to the mode, though. I don’t think this is a pervasive problem.

True. Unless it’s an exploit. But that’s another topic lol.

Okay, I wasn’t sure if you had some ideas for a counter to it that GBX could implement. Some people have suggested buffing the turrets but I see that backfiring.

Definitely though, countering a well organized team is difficult. But there are many options. Especially when you consider how many variables go into each game. And the mode you’re on. Quite possible to win or at least put up a good fight.