How do you beat Crawmerax?

Hey everyone, I just picked up the game again, for the first time on pc, since I beat it around release and I am playing as Lilith for the first time. I am just about to hit the level cap and I am wanting to start farming Craw. I wanted to know, those of you who crush him regularly, how do you do it? What weapons would you recommend and do you use any glitches and such?

Here’s about 60 posts on the topic. Sorry for low effort post, but I just don’t have anything to add since the last time I put forward my advice.

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Honestly as Lillith it shouldn’t be too hard - just run around the pillars, keep the fleshy baby craws alive and kill the other two types, and hit Craw whenever you have a moment. I’ve found that a Penetrator sniper rifle can kill his weak spots very, very quickly if you have snipers at level 50 (Double firerate on that thing turns it into a BEAST)

Use lilly. She is basically a demi goddes. A anarchy smg, masher revovler, or penetrator works wonders on his crit spots. Other than that don’t be afraid to use phasewalk often or hide behind pillars. Also leave the big purple worms alone because they are slow. Green worms and maggots should always be killed if they are close to you. If you are still having trouble with survivablity try a build that focuses on being able to use phase walk often so you can make quick escapes frequently. Good luck vault hunter.

The only thing I could add that I don’t think I saw above is to try him on play through one as he’s easier to kill.

I think he just takes more dmg or something like that.