How do you beat torpedo frigate rush with HW1 races?

Higarian torpedo frigate rush is so insane. I have no idea what to do to beat it. Literally none of my units are effective against it early enough to deal with the threat. I can’t research fast enough to get units to do anything about it. Bombers are literally crap with HW1 races so the next thing would be salvage corv. maybe. But then I can’t get to destroyers and BCs fast enough to deal with their BC threat afterward. You can’t hit their resources to stop it because they can just build defense platforms which totally ■■■■ all your early game units. Then after they’ve been upgraded they’re nearly unstoppable. :sweat: There has to be some way to deal with this. Maybe making research faster for HW1, I don’ t know. This is just awful. I think the biggest problem might be that they can focus on two things at once, but we have to research enough tech to counter the strat. So, they have the ability to build frigates + something else to counter the strat we’re trying to use to beat it. While we’re stuck with our thumbs in our asses trying to research something to beat that.

The Balance between Homeworld 1 and Homeworld 2 races is currently questionable, and balance issues are being discussed and addressed currently, it is a Beta for a reason.

My advice with the current game is your only real hope is ion cannon frigate rushing or swarming interceptors.

Playing as Kushan I just steal everything that isn’t nailed down. :smiley: And yes I recommend spamming ion frigs as well as a counter. Try jumping your frigs in behind their torpedo frigs and see if you can blow them apart before they can turn around.

Go with a 12 interceptors ans 10 bombers n early scout and bomb.

Bombers are the most important early game ship against HW 2 because you get to shoot out facilities.
Target the research and win.

Learn to macro

Defence Fighter work wonders for Taiidan, just bomb their frigate facility before they can get flak frigates.

You don’t really. If you see they aren’t making a fighter production facility, you could go straight to destroyers. HW1 races do tech to destroyers in a somewhat decent time, comparative to how awful their tech times are on everything else.

HW1 bombers are somewhat decent. You can at least take out production facilities and maybe outplay your opponent with them if you really want the challenge, knowing it isn’t a fair match.

You can use my mod if you want better HW1 balance.

bombers, bombers and more bombers

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edit: ah forgot hw1 races dont have torp frigs. well, just fill in the gaps and buildbuildbuild lol. until they balance it out. :\

when in rome do as romans do: build a bunch of torpedo frigates ;o (no i mean some ions in there, etc, but if you cant get them out fast enough, just build the same as they are, if you cant, its a resource/build order problem).

Right now getting to defense fighter and defenders sounds like your best option. Defense fighters as Ratama has shown in testing eat torps and missiles. Yeah that limits you to taiidan but hey, they do have the cooler looking ships.


Defense fighters are indeed amazing, but they come out much later than torps do. They’ll also die easy to interceptors

I think the problem is that by the time you respond with a counter to their strategy, they’ve already countered your counter because they can:

a. build fighters without research
b. research destroyers faster than you can research frigates

The only solution for Homeworld 1 in early game is to build bombers. There is no other ship that can deal with them.

That’s not true. A flak will be out just a little bit over a minute after the first torp.

You can’t, the game isn’t balanced enough for HW1 races to win.

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Deleted this response. I really am not qualified to comment on 1v1 HW1 versus a HW2 torpedo rush!

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Unless your enemy sends his first 2 torpedo frigs to your patches via hyperspace. Since you are researching destroyers or already building them, your collectors would be virtually undefended.

Similarly to corvette rush, it is counter-able, but usually works out because the enemy does not know how to followup on the rush. They just keep building the unit even though you countered it.

For example, using your tactic. You only have one destroyer. At that time the enemy should not engage it, but go after your secondary patch. The destroyer cannot be in two places. Now what a rushed should be doing while rushing is continue researching his ships. By the point your destroyer comes out, the other player should be able to shift towards ICFs. By videos posted on the forums by other people experimenting this, around 5 IFCs will be able to deal with a destroyer alone.

Flak frigates will do a similar job for defenders. Also may I add that you need your defenders together to be effective. Due to this and the slow speed, the opponent can kill your second patch.

Overall the problem is this: HW1 can counter torps using the destroyer class or fighter class, BUT HW2 has in addition, the counter for both your answers within the frigate class. HW1 has to go out of its way to counter torpedo frigs, while HW2 can just phase down the tech tree to counter your counter.

The balance is not very far off, but HW2 still has an advantage.

Please do not call the thread BS. This is a legitimate question. Your suggestion is still a valid counter for many situations, but the way you word it feels a bit condescending.

You are totally correct. I was a jerk about it. Also, my gaming experience is all team related = I really shouldn’t be commenting about 1v1 games, as I don’t participate in them. So, really, in a 1v1 with a HW1 race being torpedo rushed, I don’t have much input.

I can say that I’ve seen team games where opponents try to torp rush a HW1 teammate, and I’m able to cover for them by taking out the torp frigates.

The more I play I notice this trend. HW1 does really well when acting as a support fleet, aiding the main HW2 races. They make good helpers but that is it.

*Meant to say aiding HW2 races. Not HW1 races

HW1 does well when it’s a 2v2, and the HW1 player is feeding the HW2 player resources and supporting them with their superior support units. Yep. Heh.

Its more like:
“Hey HW2 player, do not worry aobut fighters and corvettes. I will kill them with my assault frigates and Grav Wells. You guys just go and win the game.”