How do you combo players that bunny hop?

A lot of Phoebe’s damage comes from being able to successfully land full melee combos, especially for the big damage buff of Crosscut. And while a character like Ambra can auto-lock, Phoebe players have to deal with the opponents that hop around to evade her. Is there any better-versed Phoebe players that can give me some habit tips on landing all of her melee combos in PvP?

Silence at rank 1. Slow from phasegate. You are an assassin. Your job is to come in, do dps quickly and escape. Do not chase unless the kill is guaranteed before you have to extend past their accelerator, thumper turret.

Come in BEHIND people. If you lose your shields and are at 3/4th health, bail. Yes auto-attacks are her bread and butter but you are not tanky at all. Your job is to gank and apply pressure, grab shards, build everything up, do some damage to minions.

I play with a team of 5 and rank 6 or 7 with Phoebe. Use her like she is built. Blade Rush enemy, teleport behind for slow. Land as amny AAs as possible. If they arent dead and you are hurt, run. Make sure to use cover to your advantage. If they arent dead but they havent noticed you yet, finish the kill.

After that, grab shards, push minion wave in, level up helix and build things. Go back in when another opening is in.

I stream starting around 10pm central, if you want to watch Phoebe or any other Battleborn. Plan on taking the game to the Esports level so my team and I are pretty serious.

Thank you soooo much man. Defintely gonna watch your stream.

Appreciate it. Really do, growing a stream is so difficult. Another things is get in the habit every 3 seconds to glance at your mini-map. That is absolutely huge, allows you to plan an escape, see if another enemy is on there way over to help the guy you have been attacking. Position plays a huge role in the game, moreso than people think.

Phoebe is excellent at punishing people who make mistakes, overextend and everything.

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There pleasure of watching your stream will be all mine and I’ll make sure to advertise and post about it too. Any gearbox set-ups that you could recommend me?

Gearbox set-ups? Like Team Comps or gear? Oh, you mean actual gear in-game. I havent unlocked her legendary yet, (in the beta you do that by completing their top-right lore challenge. In full-release, have to complete all lore challenges. 2000 damage with blade rush is killer. lol)

Right now i run a 2 epics and a 0 cost gear.

0 Cost:
+8% sprint speed
-8% heal power

Never heal as Phoebe due to no lifesteal so its an easy gain. 8% isnt much but it makes sticking/escaping that much easier. As well, takes off a few seconds of shard rotations.

Like 560 cost:
+5.5 HPS (Health per second regen)
+4.3% attack power

  • something but i forget exactly.

1001 cost:
+8% attack power I believe
+200 Health
dont believe this one has a negative due to higher cost.

1600 shards total for full build:

Gives 13% more attack power so an attack that does 80 normally will do 90.
Health regen, so go in for attack, kill then retreat, rotate for shards and you come back to lane healed 200 health.
Then +200 health for more sustain in fights/lane.

Could also do Atk Speed, Cooldown Reduction, +Shields.

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Thanks so much brotha. Gonna use your stream and this info to improve my game. Can’t express how much I appreciate your help.

I appreciate you checking out the stream. If you have any questions about a certain character, let me know in stream when you stop in. Ill try to answer best that I can. Only rank 26 or so, dont have everyone unlocked yet.

Will do brotha.