How do you counter Boldur in PvP?

Usually every time I face off against a Boldur on the other team, I tend to get destroyed. When I do manage to get his health down low, it seems that he gets an overshield every time. Then Boldur ends up getting away. So far, I have no idea how to approach Boldur in PvP. Anyone here got a few tips they can share with me on how to face Boldur?

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I dont think you should ever target him unless hes alone. I usually ignore him coz his damage isnt that great, go for the support classes first then dps’s. Im usually phoebe or kleese and nevet attack him unless his alone or to take off preassure of someone else.

Kill him and deny him XP early on. He’s a late-game god. If you can stop him from getting to level 5, you’re doing great, but do everything you can to stop him from getting to level 10.

Flank him. His shield only works from the front. If you have friends, put him in a pincer so that one of you is always at his back.

Never have your back to a wall. Boldurdash pushes you back (really far, actually; far enough that it’s often to Boldur’s detriment) and only stuns you if you hit something that would stop you from finishing that knockback.

Use CC. He’s as vulnerable to stuns, slows, and anything else that interrupts to reduces his effectiveness as anyone else. If he’s turtling, pretty much the only thing you can do is try to stunlock him.


First off, thank you for starting a thread like this instead of one whining about him being OP. I wish more people would do that when they are struggling to deal with a character. I’m not a pro player by any means, but there aren’t a ton of truly great Boldur players out there from what I have seen/heard. This should help deal with most of them.

Some good advice already, but some other things to keep in mind. AoEs can be blocked by his shield if they are in front of him (not ground effects). Try dropping them behind him.

Elaborating on what @Kitru said: His shield gets stronger at level 3 (helix choice). Try focusing him with 2-3 people when he is level 1-2. If you can force him out of lane and deny minion XP early, it’s a big win even if you don’t manage to kill him. You want to delay him hitting level 5 as long as possible. It takes coordination, but it can be done. I got wrecked repeatedly by a Thorn/Kleese combo in Meltdown the other day. They couldn’t kill me, but they made my life hell and I couldn’t get minion kills.

Once he hits level 5, he heals if you strike his shield while it has the sparkly runes on it (this is the primary reason @Kitru mentioned level 5). Don’t attack him from the front unless you can stun him first.

He gets the overshield from his dash (helix option at level 1) and also damage reduction (helix at level 2…also from killing enemies–this is part of his passive). If you see him Dash, he won’t be able to get the overshield again for a little while.


Any kind of AoE-skill like Orendi’s Shadowfire Pillar, Thorn’s Blight or Benedict’s Rockets in general are his worst bane. In fact Benedict is probably the strongest counter to Boldur as he misses any kind of range except for his axe throw, which is a rather slow projectile and in return Benedict just needs to aim slighty behind Boldur to completely negate his shield.

with paper.

Had too, first thread someone asked how to beat him.

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Orendi’s pillar only works if you land it decently behind his back. If you put a pillar under him while his shield is up he will block it. I think it is personally dumb, None of the shields in the game should be able to block any aoe.

I’m okay with them blocking directional AoE, some explosions start from a center. But pillar erupts from the ground, and paradigm just shoots through everything.

Kleese is very good vs boldur as his Taser deals damage even throught boldur’s shield… Ambra should do that too

But boldur is actually the most broken character, if played well he can 1v5 in front of the enemy sentry, he really deals a way too much damage (already saw some boldur deal 800+ damage with the axe toss on ult) and his shield looks like he can tank everything, his cooldown are really low 15sec for his dash if i’m right (Attikus have 25sec and without any stun now) and on top of that he have a perma +30% mvt speed

His shield is bigger than him and even attacking him from the side doesn’t works, need to be in his back… but still have a -35% damage taken

the only think he can’t do is healing his teammates

Attacking him from the side does work.
It’s just that his shield is somewhat curved and you might still hit it if you’re attacking from the side.
Basically my tactics when dealing with Boldur is to try and stall his leveling as much as possible.

Once he gets to Level 5, I mostly ignore him or try to lead him into a multi-flank ambush, if we really need him out of the way.

Just don’t let him get to Level 10! Axe Mastery hits like a truck.

Stop spreading misinformation. Axe Toss cannot do 800 damage. Its a 300 damage base skill. That would be like Thorns ulti hitting for 1300 (without curse) Just go play him, nobody else does. 140 boldur games and i’ve ran into 4 boldurs and 3 of them were awful. Movespeed isnt perma either. Still one of the least played characters.

I play him, this is why i can say that… and we made some test with a mate in private so i know what say… looks like you don’t know him really well then
it’s 300dmg at level 1
it chnage nothing to the fact that he deals a way to much damage

300 damage base skill = 300 damage at level 1, thats what it means. I just corrected two wrong things you’ve said about him and you tell me i dont know about him, uh huh. Take a screenshot of 800 damage axe toss.

  • skill dmg gear? and theyre referring to explosion with runes, but still probably an exaggeration

a vast exaggeration. He even mentioned Reyna and Ambra were involved so they probably stacked vulnerabilities. 32% from reyna and 16% from ambra makes anything hurt more.

I’ll make a screen as soon as i can but no i’m not exagerating (this is something i hate so i won’t :slight_smile: )

What i see often is around 700/750 but i saw some more than 800 without any ambra, reyna or other dmg buff… but yes when they are there it’s really frequent to see that

@dwarfurious The boldurs i saw doing that were running Skill dmg gear, but for the math : at level 10 he deals 484 damage with gear you can actualy reach 18.2% (Codex Fragment) + 20.41% (Voxis Core) +5.41% with a third item = 44.02%
If you take the bleed Helix => +48dmg = 532
532 x 1.4402 = 766 dmg

So i don’t know from where comes the 34 missing damage but when i saw 800+ maybe that someone was running a “Bola’s Target Finder” 5.6% more damage or an other buff but i don’t know any character except Ambra, Reyna, Alani and Gali who can buff dmg for mates and they were not in those games

For the perma movement speed if you play well enough it’s really easy to do
+30% when rage is active and you have rage by killing enemies (mobs, turret, shards, sunspot, rupture, owl and players) and by activating Boldurdash that have a really low cooldown (same for Whiskey you should manage to always have is passive up)
And he also have +30% when he doesn"t have his axe in hand…

15% from Voxis wouldn’t affect the primary target. You probably saw a crit.

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if you hit 2 targets they both will receive the +15% damage from each others

Could be wrong, but I assumed the explosion didn’t include the base axe toss damage. Does the explosion include the entire amount? It’s funny, I’m a big numbers guy, but with this game there’s always so much happening at any one time, I don’t notice stuff like this.

I assume yes because i already hit the ground in front of a player and he received the full damage, so i think it’s just a simple aoe