How do you deal with Assault-Snipers keeping you perma-frozen?

Just had the single most frustrating series of runs I have ever encountered, and let’s be honest, for this game that is saying a lot. Per title, I was unable to do more than feebly hop around in an attempt to move as assorted troopers with assault rifles and at least 1 sniper would constantly pepper me with cryo.

This happened consistently, to the point that I simply quit to menu and tried again, rather than respawn. Impairing player movement is one of those golden rules that needs to be handled delicately, but… Gearbox! :man_shrugging: Is there any counter? Or just accept ‘■■■■ you player, better luck next time?’

If you carry a facepuncher you can shoot them with it and they get staggered which means they fall to the ground like a wet noodle the you can rush up and destroy them. Just takes one shot to knock em out of the air. That’s how I’ve been dealing with em.

It was just bad luck they had a cryo weapon though that part is just random.

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There should be a cryo immune shield though to give players an option to avoid being slowed down when cryo’d