How do you deal with NOGs as Zane?

Maliwan troops are usually easy, too easy even, but when a lot of NOGs spawning it gets really annoying. You can’t freeze them reliably because their crit spot is in the back and every enemy in this game locked on you with aimbot. You don’t have raw damage like other characters to just kill them quick, once again because of the hidden crit spot and 3 health bars (3 health bars on mobs another awful idea imo). I don’t want to switch to clone just to kill them, but I don’t see any other option. Singularity grenades and Horizon works sometimes, but not reliable enough. This reminds me of playing Tiny Tina dlc with sniper Zero, I wish devs just stopped hiding/removing after getting shot crits of enemies, it breaks builds. Any tips?

You could use the Deterrence Field augment for the barrier or an up close shotgun blast to knock them back then get behind them for that sweet crit spot action.
Or you could try a grenade to get them to dive for cover and get behind them that way as well.

Sentinel drone w/ shock while I use shock AR
Swap to Cryo smg spawn clone w/ item dupe
Swap to fire for last health bar, no bonus from sntl machine guns or Cryo smg but no penalties either…

Going for back crit locations in M3 just seems to get me killed more often than not. Best to just keep moving and melt the health bars

That’s usually what I’m doing, but I don’t find it reliable enough when there are 4 nogs with 3 health bars in one room. I think they should just spawn less badass enemies in general, COV can get even more obnoxious with anointed and rocket launchers. It’s not even difficult, fun fights just lose momentum and become slog. It’s more apparent on Zane because he needs his kill skills active all the time to do damage.

Too much work for a mob in my opinion, also I’m playing with a barrier/drone build

Further into end game you get the more enemies will spawn with 3 health bars… If you’re going barrier then getting to crit spot in the back shouldn’t be a problem without dying. Just means you’ll have to swap with clone periodically so ensure your weapon has a bonus damage on swap anointment and you’ll be fine

not a zane player so mileage will vary.

I keep the nog potion #9 grenade mod in my bag then when they are confused I hit the crit spots.

hope this helps I know it’s not the best solution


Is that the actual name of the grenade? Where do you get it?

I’m allready on endgame, and dying is not a problem. Problem is it takes them 3 years to die :slight_smile:

Side mission reward…

…ok, but what side mission? I wasn’t asking for a general answer that’s unhelpful, lol

It’s a mission from Lorelai, to help some scientist, don’t remember the name…


I knew i’m missing something obvious… But problem with Zane you can’t throw nades manually most of the time. I will experiment with this, thank you!

If it’s taking the enemies too long to die, perhaps it’s the defensive nature of your build. Barrier tree doesn’t help much, so it’s to be expected.

Nothing wrong with Zane (or the way you choose to play him) - he’s the most balanced of the vault hunters. You shouldn’t be able to go down one and a half trees at level 50, kill everything in seconds, and have no concern of dying…this is a broken way of thinking.

technical nogout mission


I enjoy playing Zane the most for reasons you’re just stated. I just find some of the game design decisions bad. Issue in not difficulty, it’s just not fun to fight those little sponges. You misinderstood me completly

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Here is the only part I disagree… If the enemies were all the same and I never had to change my approach it might as well be another Halo. Entire reason I changed shooters 10 years ago is the challenges presented by the series.

NOGs aren’t meant to be ‘fun’ enemies, it allows the pace of game play to not stagnate.


Fair enough, but in Zane’s case fights with them and big groups of heavy armored and shielded mobs slow down to much in my opinion. Thx for tips, I appreciate it

Kill o’ the wisp is great for their shields (and everyone else’s), and can crit as an added bonus if you shoot at the right height. A corrosive tediore (in whatever type you use least to save ammo) works great for the corrosive bar and doubles as a grenade to stun them/knock them over. Then switch to your preferred weapon to finish them off. Not always perfect and can take a little bit but it usually works pretty well!

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I slide behind NOGs and shotgun them. But I also run Clone Drone with lots of grenades dropping and I don’t know if I’m just immensely lucky