How do you eat shrimp miso?

So, I went to this ramen restaurant (first time for me) and I ordered a chili miso soup. I was faced with 2 problems with the food and I can’t find the solution to either by googling afterwards so what the heck, let’s ask gearbox forums.

Problem number 1. Not a major one but confucing to me anyway. The soup came equipped with a wooden laddle and I really don’t know what it was there for. I just ended up placing it on my dupling plate. Is it there just for the sake of stirring the soup if you feel like it?

Number 2, the big one. My miso had shrimps in it. Not just tails but full shrimps with all their “armor” still on. And they are laying in my soup. Am I just supposed to pick them up with my bare hands to get the meat out? That’s seriously the only thing I could think of once I was done with all the rest of the soup. Ended up ignoring the other shrimp because I felt like an ass prying the soupy crab open with my bare hands in the middle of a restaurant. What the actual f… is going on with this food? The broth was seriously good and I’d like to try it again but I’m rarely served a food where I have no goddamn idea how I’m actually supposed to be eating it.


Regarding the shrimp : you eat them whole, shell and all (and head and legs if they’ve got them on). Thus the spoon/ladle. I don’t eat much Japanese food so no expert but at least I know about shrimp.

Isn’t it odd that we don’t have any Japanese forum members (that I’m aware of)?