How do YOU enjoy Bordelands 3

So far i have noticed that different people enjoy Borderlands for different reasons.
I now wanna know how many people enjoy it for certain reasons.

I think i figured out a few types of players already.

Type A:
Type A mainly plays this game for the endgame. He might enjoy the first playthroug but after that he tries to get max level and max gear on all the VH he likes playing. In the end he gets the most excitement by getting these rare items that complete his build. After that he destroys the highest challenges this game has to offer. That they aren’t really challenges anymore doesn’t really mather for him and he might even be dissapointed if there weren’t any broken builds in this game. That all of this involves a lot of grinding that he often doesn’t enjoy, is ok because in the end it was worth it. For some people it was only worth it as long as his build doesn’t get nerfed.

Type B:
Type B also primarily wants to reach the endgame but he is there for the challenge.
He deliberately stays away from OP builds so that the game keeps being difficult.
Because of that weapon balance is kinda important for him.

Type C:
Type C actually enjoys the road to the endgame more than the endgame itself.
He loves playing the campaign over and over again, constantly getting bether gear and reaching the next level. As soon as he is maxed out or he would have to grind for bether gear, he loses interrest in this game. Some prefer the game to be challenging on their way, other’s don’t.
Weapons balance isn’t really important for them, because even the most OP gear needs to be replaced after some time, because it is underleveled.

These are just three types of players that i have recognized so far.
If you remotely fit into one of these categorys just write down which and add how you differ from the main description.

If none of the types fit you at all, feel free to add a new type of player.