How do you farm quest weapons

so my question is by the title iv heard it done by a youtuber but i can not find out how to do it i have tree buut no idea how to make it so i can farm the quest

Either you alt+F4 after checking the quest reward and reboot your game, or you set your save file to read only so it doesn’t update your file when you reload your session.

alt+F4 is the easier way, even though it does take more time with you booting BL1 up each attempt. Basically you need to get out of your session without saving, which means bypassing in-game menus by closing the game.

Setting your save to read only is slightly trickier. Most anybody can set a file to read only, problem is that when you do get what you want you need to give the item to a friend. They’ll exit your session and save the item to their file, while you exit the game and reset your file to readable. Then you two meet up and get your item from them.
I don’t think you can set a file to readable while you’re actively using it. Personally, I alt+F4 cause having a co-op friend around isn’t always possible.

i see thank your for the help alt f4 will be easiest as i am solo

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You can do this. Just go to a save point after getting the reward and toggling read-only off and it should work.

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