How do you fast travel to Arms Race?

How do you fast travel to Stormblind Complex. There are no fast travel stations?


Welcome to the club my friend…

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Just making sure: You’re on the Epic store, too?
I’m like 99% sure at this point that this is the worst store proving itself bad again.

I should’ve have punched myself into face instead of buying this mess. Should’ve expected this from GBX…

I think it works on Steam and consoles, from what my friends tell me… might not be their fault. Could be, though, just pointing out it works elsewhere

im having the same issue, when i go to manage add ons, designers cut is turned off, and wont stay activated once turned on. ive verified the game, i have the 4th skill trees, but im unable to fast travel

Yeah Epic

So just to clarify with you all. I have the mission on Santuary wall. I can accept it and it appears in my mission log and the guides point me to mission.

Is it the same for you guys.

I know the hotfix is in because I have Mayhem 11

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There is a poster on Sanctuary near the Quick Change Station

Accept mission and it will then be available on your Fast Travel menu
It’s on Pandora. Stormblind Complex I believe its called.

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im in the exact same boat, im following this for an eventual solution

when we click on the complex, no fast travel stations appear for us to fast travel to. on pc

Damn…that sucks. I’m on Xbox and didn’t experience that. I thought OP was just looking for how to find it in general.

In a side note: I also noticed the Final Form cosmetics are not working either.

Strange, I can’t reach Stormblind, but Final form works.

Can’t even…

Edit: after EGS app restart, BL3 item in Library states “Server offline” below item’s name.

This may be something: I have rebooted my PC now Epic claims to be loading BL3 and it is not able to launch just now. Hopfully it is fixing itself.

You wait for your digital storefront to push out the patch

Same problem. Also PC - Epic

On Xbox, you just travel to it like any other map.

Epic/PC got the mission poster and accepted it, fast travel station is on Pandora, not the top map menu…
edit*** the map has no fast travel station on it, now I understand the problem.

Restarting the game worked, fast travel station now on the map