How do you fast travel to Arms Race?

I got a new download for BL3 after waiting for 2 hours, fingers crossed.

Update: Mine is working, although i had to update my game in the epic launcher manually, although it is set to automatic installation.

Mine is working now but no cosmetics.

I am on Epic\PC.
I can’t zone into Arms Race either. I have the Season pass 2. Have the mission. The mission is the currently active mission. I select the zone from the fast travel screen and it has no fast travel point to go to making it impossible to reach.
I have tried everything I can think of. Sitting at the title screen for several minutes to let it Hot Fix. Started a new Character. Rebooted my PC. Tried EVERY character I have on both Normal and TVHM. Verified the game files with Epic Store. NOTHING is fixing this.

i am on epic and it is workign fine u need to update twice tho

Still can’t going try uninstalling and reinstalling on a different drive.!Ai5r0odsEi23n4R8j0bSLPPdniCE9g?e=ntDnec

Verifying the files NEVER worked. Uninstalling then reinstalling worked. WHAT A PAIN!

I had this same issue, verified, nothing was working. Then, I found the soultion on my side. If you go to the Epic Games Library, click the three dots next to Borderlands 3, there’s an option that says “Manage Addons”. For some reason Designer’s Cut was not automatically enabled for me when I downloaded it, and that caused everything else to come through (4th talent trees) but Designers Cut didn’t have a fast travel. Manually enabling Designer’s Cut caused the fast travel to show up.


So I played arms race last night on the xbox. Today I can not get back to it. Poster is there but doesnt give me the option to accept mission. I dont see it listed in the travel station eithet.

Hey Quixter

Go to Pandora and there will be a new large isolated area at the top of the map.

Thanks I got back there.

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